Horizon Europe Proposal Writing & Evaluation

Your fundamental journey to writing successful Horizon Europe proposals from concept all the way through the evaluation process.

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Prague, Czech Republic

If you would like to dive into the depths of proposal writing in Horizon Europe, this course is for you. And to throw in a little extra perspective, we will be dedicating a full day to simulating the evaluation process!

This comprehensive 3-day course will provide you with a practical insight to developing and submitting competitive proposals under the Horizon Europe calls.

We will dig into the individual proposal sections and discuss how to compose text with examples from real Horizon Europe proposals, introducing good and bad practices. We will cover effective resource planning and practical budgeting under both actual cost and lump sum grants. Finally, we will take on the role of the evaluators to understand their point of view, making it easier to see what they will pay attention to when they look at our future proposals.

All three days will have interactive, hands-on exercises, sealing in the already practice-driven knowledge we offer on these topics. 

Day 1-2: Submitting competitive proposals under Horizon Europe

The goal of the first two days will be to provide you with a clear understanding of the features of winning Horizon Europe proposals and the confidence to develop and submit competitive Horizon Europe proposals when you go back home. We will introduce from A to Z how a Horizon Europe proposal is conceived, developed and submitted with a focus on the Part B of the proposal. During practical workshops, we will practice proposal development based on a real HE call, starting with call analysis, and afterwards, going through each of the proposal sections: Excellent, Impact, Implementation. To help you gain the key skills to plan your resources and build a sound budget for your next Horizon Europe proposal, we will introduce the main financial rules of Horizon Europe and the steps for effective budgeting for actual cost as well as lump sum grants. 

Day 3: Evaluation of Horizon Europe proposals 

You will become an evaluator and experience first-hand the evaluation process to better understand this critical stage of the selection process in Horizon Europe and conceive your proposals in this light in the future. This simulation exercise begins with the briefing of the evaluators on the "call for proposals" and the rules and procedures of the evaluation process. The evaluators will then conduct their individual assessment of the HE proposals, after which they will gather with their fellow evaluators for consensus meetings. Once the consensus reports are drafted in each panel, final ranking will be established, which will serve as the basis for the allocation of budget amongst the highly ranked proposals. 


Key topics covered :

  • Horizon Europe proposal development from A to Z: practical tips for composing text under Excellence, Impact and Implementation sections. Practicing proposal writing first-hand during workshops.
  • Resource planning, main financial rules and key elements of budget development for both actual cost and lump sum grants.
  • Stepping into the shoes of the evaluators – discovering how the evaluator briefing and consensus meetings take place, as well as what is of great importance in the proposal.


Why Europa Media?   

Europa Media is Europe’s leading provider of practical training courses on EU’s research and innovation programmes. We have 20+ years of experience in developing and implementing projects under the Framework Programmes. Under Horizon 2020, we have been involved successfully in over 30 projects, coordinating six of them. Under the first work programmes of Horizon Europe, we are currently involved in seven collaborative projects, coordinating one of them. Europa Media’s trainers are actual project managers, coordinators, and financial administrators of these projects, sharing their stories and providing you with hands-on tips based on their everyday experience. This event, as always, has been designed based on our direct hands-on experience with EU research and innovation proposals and is, therefore, 100% practice-driven. Our practical approach has attracted over 10,000 participants from all over the world in the past 15 years. Read more about our projects here.   


Who is this course for?     

Whether you have already submitted proposals or managed projects under Horizon 2020 / Horizon Europe, or will be just starting to develop a project proposal for the first time, this course will help you enhance your knowledge and skills on proposal writing and gain hands-on tips to apply in your current and future proposals under Horizon Europe. Join us if you want to gain hands-on tips to apply in your ongoing and future proposals under Horizon Europe.

Feedback from previous participants shows that this course is equally useful for:   

  • Researchers and research administrators;
  • EU project managers;
  • Research advisers, EU grant advisers;

Coming from:

  • Universities and research institutions; 
  • Public administrations; 
  • SMEs and large companies; 
  • CSOs and NGOs.


Additional information

The training fee includes:

- Access to the digital version of the training materials;
- Invitation to our exclusive LinkedIn group;
- Certificate of participation;
- Catering (lunch and coffee breaks)

The trainers

Jelena Kajganovic
Jelena Kajganovic
Senior Trainer and Project Manager
Ömer Ceylan
Ömer Ceylan
Trainer & Consultant, Managing Director of Geonardo
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Prague, Czech Republic