We started working on EU projects in 1999. Since then, we have been involved in multiple projects and used our direct knowledge to teach thousands of participants and organisations via open or in-house courses customised to suit your needs.  

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The list of topics ranges from proposal development to post-project audit, covering the full R&I EU project lifecycle.


Upcoming courses

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EUR 690
Horizon Europe Proposal Writing
live online
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EUR 690
Horizon Europe/H2020 Master of Finance and EC Audits
Barcelona, Spain
EUR 1690
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EUR 690
EUR 690
Master of Proposal Writing in Horizon Europe
Lisbon, Portugal
EUR 1190
Horizon Europe Academy
Lisbon, Portugal
EUR 1990
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Recorded Webinars

30 mins
Essential tools and "weapons" for a top-notch coordinator

Good and smooth management asks for some practical tools and templates to keep track of your project implementation and deliver your project results on time and in quality.

Based on our experience, we selected a set of tools to help you out at different stages of your project implementation. Discover tips and tricks and a few “weapons”, at each step, for smoother management and coordination of your ongoing or future EU projects.

The webinar is accessible for 90 days after the purchase under "My Account".

45 mins
Legal Agreements in Horizon 2020

Get a practical insight into the full spectrum of legal agreements you may come across or choose to use in a Horizon 2020 proposal and project.

There are legal agreements that support you in the proposal preparation phase - making the proposal confidential, helping to handle IP arrangements or ensuring the commitment of partners. Then there is the 2020 Grant Agreement, consortium agreement, third party agreements, joint ownership agreement and licencing agreement.

These all can protect you and/or the project, but how? We will explain.

Discussion topics:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Letter of Intent (LoI), Letter of Commitment (LoC)
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
  • Subcontracting and Third-Party Agreements
  • The Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement
  • Joint Ownership Agreement and Licencing Agreement

Understand the legal agreements in H2020 and discover how to choose and use them in different scenarios.

The webinar is accessible for 90 days after the purchase under "My Account".

45 mins
Master of Finance Horizon 2020 - How to keep your costs on track and the cost control of your partners?

It seems your budget was a wishful thinking compare to your real costs? Your PM-rate was overestimated?

Your coordinator wants to check your costs? Or your partners’ reports seem unrealistic?

Discover how to set up an efficient cost tracking system for you and your partners, and internal reporting protocols to avoid headaches during periodic reporting!

Discussion topics:

  • How to keep the costs tracked?
  • The power of excel sheets, or do you need at all any management tool?
  • Templates and techniques to keep your spending under control
  • Cooperation with accounting and payroll
  • How to set up an efficient timesheet system
  • Calculating facility/equipment costs
  • And many, many more

The webinar is accessible for 90 days after the purchase under "My Account".

45 mins
From consortium building to an effective communication strategy

Working on an H2020 project is not an easy job, right?

If your institution is involved in the Work Package of Dissemination and Communication, you need to consider many aspects which, on the one hand, will make your project recognisable to your audience and on the other hand, attract the attention of the EU authorities.

How can you achieve it?

As a Dissemination and Communication Task Leader you need to think of the following:

  1. How to find out your audience
  2. How to select the right partners & build a strong consortium
  3. What channels and tools to use to enhance your project’s visibility
  4. How to build your branding strategy & visual identity
  5. How to set up engaging online campaigns

Let’s address all these points and analyse them step by step using our EU funded projects, as case studies. We know that the best way to learn is through interaction and active participation. So, we will create engaging games and quizzes to guarantee knowledge transfer fully.

By this webinar, discover all the ways and the tools to make your EU project widely recognised and successful in your field.

The webinar is accessible for 90 days after the purchase under "My Account".

90 mins
Horizon Europe Proposal Writing: A hands-on approach

Are you preparing a proposal to submit under the upcoming deadlines of Horizon Europe?

Listen to our hands-on tips to make your proposal more competitive and boost its chances to get funded.
We have 20 years of experience in writing proposals and implementing projects under the EU’s Research and Innovation Framework Programmes.

Under Horizon 2020, we have been involved – both as partners and coordinators – in dozens of proposals and have gathered a critical mass of best practices building on successful as well as unsuccessful proposals. During this webinar, we will share with you real proposal examples and case studies to help you improve your proposal and avoid mistakes.

Topics to be discussed:

•    Get acquainted with the general features of EU R&I Proposals 
•    Learn the main HE concepts to be addressed during proposal writing
•    Discover the typical shortcomings leading to lower scores in evaluation
•    Get an insight to the evaluation process: how the evaluators think and how to satisfy the expectations of different types of evaluators

See your proposal from a different perspective and get new ideas to increase its chances of getting funded.

Duration: 90 minutes

The webinar is accessible for 90 days after the purchase under "My Account".

45 mins
Addressing innovation potential in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe

Explore the concept of innovation in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe and utilise practical guidance to address innovation in your proposals.

But how to approach and address innovation in your proposal and project?

  • Do you know what the difference is between social, open, breakthrough, incremental, disruptive and sustainable innovation?
  • Do you know how to set up an innovation-focused management structure?
  • Do you need an innovation manager in your project?
  • What are the tasks of a person or body managing innovation in your project?

We will answer all of these questions and give you hands-on tips based on examples from real H2020 proposals and projects.

Topics to discuss:

  • How to set up an innovation management structure
  • Innovation management tasks and deliverables
  • Budgetary aspects of managing innovation
  • Exploitation management vs innovation management
  • Business canvas method
  • Commercialisation options (Licencing, joint ventures, spin-offs, etc.)
  • Non-commercial exploitation routes
  • Evaluator's perspective on innovation

Let's explore together how to describe innovation potential in the different sections of your H2020/HEU proposal.

The webinar is accessible for 90 days after the purchase under "My Account".


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