We started working on EU projects in 1999. Since then, we have been involved in multiple projects and used our direct knowledge to teach thousands of participants and organisations via open or in-house courses customised to suit your needs.  

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The list of topics ranges from proposal development to post-project audit, covering the full R&I EU project lifecycle.

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Horizon Europe Master of Finance and EC Audits
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Recorded Webinars

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37 mins
Lump sum budgeting - How to prepare the mandatory detailed budget table? (January 2024)

If you have been scrolling through the Horizon Europe calls for proposals recently, you may have noticed that more and more of them have Lump Sum instead of Action Grant Budget-Based as the type of funding. The shift is visible, and the Programme will be going towards Lump Sum calls more and more in the future. 

This means that the budgeting we are used to needs to change: we need more details, more planning and definitely more time. As Lump Sum is here to stay, this webinar is meant to introduce how we approach budgeting in this type of funding, how the table looks like and what we need to pay attention to. 

Topics covered 

  • Lump Sum budgeting essentials. 

  • Input needed from the partners for a successful budget development. 

  • Introducing the mandatory detailed budget table and tips on how to fill it out and common mistakes.

The webinar is accessible for 12 months after the purchase under "My Account".

47 mins
Section 2.2 Communication and Dissemination - How to tailor an effective dissemination and communication plan? (February 2024)

Welcome to our webinar designed to help you master Section 2.2 of your Horizon Europe proposal, focusing on optimizing your project's impact through strategic communication and dissemination planning. 

This session delves into the critical essence of Section 2.2, providing you with a comprehensive roadmap to craft a powerful communication and dissemination strategy right within your proposal. We’ll assist you in understanding your project objectives from the communication point of view, identifying your target audience, and structuring a detailed plan to engage them effectively. 

Throughout the webinar, we won't just walk you through theoretical concepts; we’ll present you with real submitted proposals, offering insightful examples and best practices to illustrate impactful strategies. We'll show you what evaluators will be looking out for, and we’ll guide you on how to align your strategy with their expectations, ensuring your proposal shines through evaluation stages. 

Moreover, we'll see how to tackle the target group analysis and needs assessment, essential components in crafting a robust communication strategy and we'll touch upon some exploitation strategies. 

By the end of this session, you’ll understand how to structure a comprehensive draft Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Results, setting the stage for your project's success. 

Topics covered 

  • Take a look at the 2.2 section requirements. 

  • Start jotting down your draft communication and dissemination strategy. 

  • Learn from submitted proposals and the evaluators’ perspective. 

  • Introduce the elements of target group analysis and needs assessment.  

  • Explore types of exploitation strategies and what can be recommended depending on your idea. 

  • Look into the structure of a Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Results. 

The webinar is accessible for 12 months after the purchase under "My Account".

55 mins
Personnel cost calculations in HE - Mission impossible? (January 2024)

It’s been more than 3 years since the launch of Horizon Europe, yet the proper personnel cost allocations and reporting rules are a mystery (misery?) to many. Nevertheless, beyond mystery lies a logic (a weird one, though), that must be followed by all Beneficiaries. Significantly different from the one we got used to in Horizon 2020, so we all have to change the way we used to do the math.  

Join us to hear our top tips for making your personnel cost reporting and allocation fully up to the Horizon Europe rules. We will introduce our calculation wizards to ensure that your reports are flawless and reimbursement is maximised!  


Topics covered 

  • Reporting-period based calculation versus the alternative option – which one to use?  

  • How to handle (maternity/sick) leaves when calculating the daily rate? 

  • How to consider part-time employments? FTE-levels or day-equivalent? 

  • What to do when one staff member comes or leaves during the reporting period? 

  • How to make balance Horizon Europe with Horizon 2020, if applicable? 

  • And many more! 

The webinar is accessible for 12 months after the purchase under "My Account".

51 min
Top tips for submitting proposals under Horizon Europe in 2024 (February 2024)

There are good proposals, better ones, and the best ones, which will be awarded funding. But what makes a proposal a winning one? All proposals, including those best ones, have certain shortcomings. However, analyses show that the winning proposals do have a number of features which are common to them. 

Join us to hear our top tips for submitting competitive proposals under the open and forthcoming calls of Horizon Europe. We will introduce our proposal submission checklist to ensure that your chances are maximised!  


Topics covered 

  • How much influence does the partnership have in the success of a proposal?  

  • What issues were systematically highlighted by the evaluators in Evaluation Summary Reports?  

  • What approaches worked well in presenting specific proposal sections (e.g., Impact) for a positive evaluation? 

  • What tools and techniques can we utilise to address all the requirements, including the horizontal aspects, while fitting the page limits? 

  • How should our approach to work plan change in case of lump sum proposals? 

Have your say! The floor will be open for all the participants to share their own views, stories and tips based on their own experience with the first rounds of Horizon Europe calls.
The webinar is accessible for 12 months after the purchase under "My Account".

60 mins
2.1 Key Impact Pathways: How to design this section of your proposal? (December 2023)

In this webinar Gabriella is sharing the most useful tips about the Impact section (Section 2). This time, Section 2.1 Project’s pathways towards impact will be in the focus, which is the most difficult sub-section for applicants. 

The proposal template gives us the following instructions: “Provide a narrative explaining how the project’s results are expected to make a difference in terms of impact, beyond the immediate scope and duration of the project.” The million-dollar question is what does this narrative look like? And what exactly is scale and significance? And how about the barriers?   

Gabriella will share tips and methods on how to formulate this narrative, how to design scale and significance, and how to differentiate between requirements and barriers.

Topics covered

  • How to formulate narrative of Section 2.1 – tips and examples;   

  • Impact indicators;  

  • Scale and significance - value and scale-up potential; 

  • Requirements and barriers.  


Why Europa Media?   

Europa Media is Europe’s leading provider of practical training courses on EU’s research and innovation programmes. We have 20+ years of experience in developing and implementing projects under the Framework Programmes. Under Horizon 2020, we have been involved successfully in over 30 projects, coordinating six of them. Under the first work programmes of Horizon Europe, we are currently involved in seven collaborative projects, coordinating one of them. Europa Media’s trainers are actual project managers, coordinators, and financial administrators of these projects, sharing their stories and providing you with hands-on tips based on their everyday experience. This event, as always, has been designed based on our direct hands-on experience with EU research and innovation proposals and is, therefore, 100% practice-driven. Our practical approach has attracted over 10,000 participants from all over the world in the past 15 years. Read more about our projects here.   


Who is this webinar for?     

This webinar is primarily for those applicants who are already working on a Horizon Europe proposal, and already have an idea about their project concept. Researchers, grant managers, research advisers, grant office colleagues can all benefit from the series if they already target a specific topic with a collaborative project. 

60 mins
The dark side of implementing a lump sum project (December 2023)

A number of lump sum projects have been launched recently and we are constantly receiving clarifying questions from our training participants. Most questions relate to how to ensure that partners work properly and that work packages are completed on time within the reporting period. The other question is what makes a work package completed and when can it be reported as partially completed? These are very exciting questions, which Krisztina will answer in this webinar.  

Topics covered

  • Tips for creating a strong Consortium Agreement 

  • How to monitor partner’s performance?  

  • What is the difference between Completed and Partially completed Work Packages? 

Who is this webinar for?     

Whether you have already managed projects under Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe and need an update or you’re just getting started and it’s your first lump sum project, this webinar will show you actionable tips you need in your lump sum proposals and projects.
The webinar is accessible for 12 months after the purchase under "My Account". 


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