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Erasmus 2021-2027: An in-depth analysis

Funding landscape series

You may have an idea on where your organization fits within Erasmus+, but which activities are funded within each action?

What are the details of reporting and what kind of impact is expected from each type of projects?

This programme is quite flexible when it comes to ideas and topics the project can deal with, however, can we say the same about the design of the project?

Date Time Duration Price
14:00 CET 90 + 30 min € 89

Inspect what’s expected and what’s funded, what is the scope of the projects and who should you choose as partners.

Through this webinar discover the new Erasmus that starts in 2021 and its rules, changes from the last programme and what all of this means for you as an applicant.

Topics to discuss :

  • An overview of which activities can receive Erasmus+ funding
  • Erasmus Key Actions: differences, similarities, who should apply
  • Purpose of Erasmus+: why you should apply
  • Expected impact
  • Key reporting issues
Gabriella Lovász
Gabriella Lovász
Managing Director
Jelena Kajganovic
Jelena Kajganovic
Project Manager