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What is new in Horizon Europe

Funding landscape series

Comparing H2020 and Horizon Europe: A Hands-on summary on the new proposal templates, evaluation forms, reporting tasks and calculations for the financial statements 

Date Time Duration Price
14:00 CEST 90 + 30 min € 89

This webinar focuses on the changes for those who know Horizon 2020. It will not introduce the programme from scratch for beginners! 

Discussion topics: 

  • New funding schemes 

  • Some details on EIC – changes expected after the pilot 

  • Logic and implementation of mission projects 

  • News in proposal templates 

  • News in evaluation 

  • Interesting articles in the Corporate Model Grant Agreement and Annex 5 issues 

  • Changed reporting obligations on dissemination, exploitation 

  • News in Open Science requirements

We will mainly discuss 3 HOWs: 

  •   How will the programme change? 
  •   How will the proposal development be affected? 
  •   How differently will we manage our Horizon Europe projects? 

Who we are 

Europa Media is unique company supporting its clients to develop successful project proposals and manage projects under the EU's research and innovation funding programmes since FP5. We can give support based on every-day practice. Over the past 20 years, our team has been directly involved in writing successful proposals and coordinating and managing projects. Under Horizon 2020, we have been involved in over 20 projects as coordinators and partners. Our workshops and seminars are designed based on this direct experience we have from our own proposals and projects - we discuss and reflect on a lot of specific problems during these events. They are therefore quite hands-on with real-life examples and stories. This practical approach has attracted over 10,000 participants from all over the world in the past 15 years.

The speaker 

Gabriella Lovász started developing EU projects in 2000, during her studies. She coordinated her first project (FP6) between 2005 and 2007. Over the past 15 years, Gabriella has managed and coordinated EU-funded projects under a broad range of programmes such as FP6/7, Horizon 2020, Lifelong Learning Programme, CIP, Culture 2007-2013, and eContentplus. Thanks to her direct involvement in developing and implementing projects under these programmes, she has gained an extensive knowledge of the EU funding system and has thus contributed to a variety of publications, articles and online platforms sharing practical information and know-how on EU funds and projects. 
In addition to developing and managing EU-funded projects, she has been an evaluator of proposals under the COSME and H2020 programmes (and their predecessors), as well as an appraisal and monitoring agent for the European Economic Area and Norwegian Financial Mechanism Grants. She holds a Master of Science degree in Economics, having specialized in management consulting and European business. Her main areas of focus are on SME development and ICT-supported learning, game-based learning. 

Gabriella Lovász
Gabriella Lovász
Managing Director