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Get it right! - Session II. - The new proposal templates (Impact)

Proposal Writing series

This is the 2nd part of our Get it right! series, consisting of  3 parts.

Check here for Part 1 and Part 3 

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14:00 CET 90 + 30 min € 149

This is the 2nd part of the series of four 90-minute-long webinars to make sure your Horizon Europe proposal is excellent. Gabriella will share all the news on the Horizon Europe proposal templates, what has changed and why – She will focus on section Impact.  

The webinars focus on Cluster projects, so RIA, IA and CSA actions in Pillar II. 

Impact pathways, linking innovation potential with exploitation routes, risk management, partnership capacity analysis, concept graph, IPR information. Only a few things your project partners may have a different view or perspective on. We should not forget this is group work. The contribution of your partners who have different experiences and expertise is key. But these differences need to end up in a good, coherent, concise description of your joint view.  

This webinar is helping to do that also with exercises that you can use and repeat with your own partners focusing on your impact. It will help to properly include all information in 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 sections. 

Topics of the webinar: 

  • Impact pathways – the logic 

  • How to put together the narrative 

  • Exercises for impact analysis 

  • Measures to maximise impact – PEDR 

  • Dissemination and communication 

  • Exploitation 

  • IPR management 

Why this webinar?  

Because we have submitted already and pre-evaluated several Horizon Europe proposals. Under Horizon 2020, we have been involved successfully in over 30 projects, coordinating six of them. This event, as always, has been designed based on our direct hands-on experience with EU research and innovation proposals and is therefore 100% practice-driven.   

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar series is primarily for those applicants who are working already on a Horizon Europe proposal, have already concepts in their heads. Researchers, grant managers, research advisers, grant office colleagues can all benefits from the series if they already target a specific topic with a collaborative project.

Who we are  

Europa Media is a unique company supporting public and private organisations to develop successful project proposals and effectively manage projects under the EU's research and innovation programmes since FP5. Over the past 20 years, our team has been directly involved in writing successful proposals and coordinating and managing projects under different EU programmes. Under Horizon 2020, we have been involved in over 30 projects as coordinators and partners. Our workshops and seminars are designed based on this direct experience we have from our own proposals and projects - we discuss and reflect on a lot of specific problems during these events. They are therefore quite hands-on with real-life examples and stories. This practical approach has attracted over 10,000 participants from all over the world in the past 15 years.  


The list of topics range from proposal development to post-project audit, covering the full R&I EU project lifecycle. 

Gabriella Lovász
Gabriella Lovász
Managing Director