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Exploitation and IPR in EU R&I projects

Special Focus series

Learn in one day how to ensure the further use and uptake of your EU R&I project results.

Date Time Duration Price
08:30 CEST 1-day € 199

The course is going to be recorded and accessible to replay for 72 hours!

Our Exploitation and IPR in EU R&I projects course will be fully online. Until further notice, Europa Media will provide online support to all its past and new participants in proposal writing, project management and financial issues. We are here, ready to help - safely with up-to-date online tools.

You can follow the course online from the beginning till the end with breaks for rest. (i.e. between 9.00 and 16.00 CET). You can ask your questions during the course any time and have opportunity to speak to the trainers.

Learn in one day how to ensure the further use and uptake of your EU R&I project results. How to build an exploitation strategy, what business cases you could consider, what assets you could develop in your project and how should you protect them before you start exploiting. What is joint ownership and how to handle this in EU projects? The scope of the course is to deliver hands-on knowledge on exploitation strategies, target group assessment, intellectual property issues to help maximise the impact of your EU R&I project.  

Topics the trainers will cover

1) The proper exploitation strategy

  • How to approach the exploitation strategy development?
  • How to assess your target groups, what are their needs, how they will use the results? 
  • What uses are to be considered and what outcomes you want to achieve?
  • What is a value chain and supply chain and how to place your project in it?
  • What is innovation in a research project – approach exploitation with an outlook to Horizon Europe. 

2) IP, assets and protection 

  • Intellectual property issues are easy to understand if practical examples are available.
  • The trainers will use case studies to approach this topic in a practical manner – going in-depth into:
  1. identification of new results
  2. ownership regimes
  3. protection methods
  4. decision on dissemination and exploitation
  5. legal agreements

3) Business and Innovation

  • Market launch – how to discuss and consider with the other partners the potential business scenarios.
  • What are the advantages of open access solutions, e.g. GNU GPL licences?
  • What is needed to launch a commercial spin-off?
  • What would the Commission favour and why? 

Workshop in online breakout rooms

  • The participants will work on a set of exercises. They will be able to choose between a social science and a natural science project topic.
  • With the help of the trainers the participants will build up an exploitation strategy, face a few challenges during implementation of that strategy and discuss what to launch on the market and how.
  • For the IPR management participants will discuss examples from IP notes that should be checked, corrected and completed for successful exploitation. 

Why this course? 

  • Trainers are dissemination and exploitation managers 

This course is built on our direct experience gained over all our H2020 projects where we were exploitation partners or coordinators. We have developed and been involved successfully into more than 10 projects in H2020 where we fulfilled obligations related to exploitation. And we were lucky enough to learn from other excellent organisations on exploitation over the past six years of H2020.  We have a team of project managers, business experts, marketing experts, financial experts – the proper combination for successful exploitation. So, as always, this course is designed based on this direct experience and is therefore 100% practice driven

Over the past 14 years, our training courses we delivered 500+ training courses which were selected by 9000+ participants. Feedback from previous participants show that this course is equally useful for: 

  • Project managers and coordinators, 
  • Research advisers, EU grant advisers, 
  • Researchers, 
  • Financial managers, 
  • Grant officers, NCPs. 

Coming from: 

  • Public institutions, 
  • Universities and research institutions, 
  • SMEs and large companies, 
  • Civil society organisations. 

The training fee includes 

  • Training material in electronic format

How to access the live webinar

Following registration, link to the live webinar room will be sent.

Download the course agenda here.

Gabriella Lovász
Gabriella Lovász
Managing Director
Krisztina Tóth
Krisztina Tóth
Director of Corporate Affairs
Frosina Ilievska
Frosina Ilievska
Trainer, Project manager