Call analysis step-by-step - How to make sure your proposal fully matches the call text

10:00 CET ; (45+15 min)
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Did you know that many elements to be included in the different sections of your Horizon Europe proposal are actually “hidden” in the call text you are targeting? Furthermore, the call text also bears essential information that should be considered to ensure compliance with various cross-cutting Horizon Europe priorities and specific EU policies.  

Join us to learn about the steps to take for effectively deciphering the call text and making your proposal fully in line with the work programme topic as well as the Commission’s expectations. 

Ömer selected a really complex but exciting Horizon Europe Cluster 6 work programme topic implemented as a Research and Innovation Action (RIA), using Lump Sum scheme and optional financial support to third parties (FSTP) and will conduct a call analysis on it, showing step-by-step how to extract elements that can be useful for the proposal: Objectives – Activities – Outputs – Outcomes – Partners/Stakeholders/End-users – Cross-cutting issues. 

After this webinar, you will be able to apply the call analysis methodology to any Horizon Europe work programme topic you will be targeting. 

N.B.: This webinar focuses on Pillar II of Horizon Europe implemented as Clusters. 


Why Europa Media?   

Europa Media is Europe’s leading provider of practical training courses on EU’s research and innovation programmes. We have 20+ years of experience in developing and implementing projects under the Framework Programmes. Under Horizon 2020, we have been involved successfully in over 30 projects, coordinating six of them. Under the first work programmes of Horizon Europe, we are currently involved in seven collaborative projects, coordinating one of them. Europa Media’s trainers are writing proposals and are actual project managers, coordinators, and financial administrators of these projects, sharing their stories and providing you with hands-on tips based on their everyday experience. This event, as always, has been designed based on our direct hands-on experience with EU research and innovation proposals and is, therefore, 100% practice-driven.  This practical approach has attracted over 10,000 participants from around the world in the past 20 years.  


Who is this webinar for?     

This webinar is for all those who would like to submit a proposal under the current and upcoming calls of Horizon Europe. It is suitable for beginner as well as advanced participants who would like to get practical tips and tools for making sure that their proposals are within scope and competitively address all the call requirements.  

The trainer

Ömer Ceylan
Ömer Ceylan
Trainer & Consultant, Managing Director of Geonardo
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