What are the evaluators looking for in your Horizon Europe proposal?

Learn about the features of winning Horizon Europe proposals and the success criteria to receive high scores and positive comments during evaluation.

9:00 CEST (3-hours)
€ 199.-


For those of you who’ve already learned a few ropes of how Horizon Europe proposals work, this webinar will provide tips for going the extra mile and standing out from the competition under the 2025-2027 calls of Horizon Europe. 


You will learn all about the features of winning Horizon Europe proposals and the success criteria to receive high scores and positive comments during evaluation. The combination of practical presentations and hands-on tips and stories, as well as analyses of real evaluation summary reports (ESRs) will ensure that you grasp the essential elements to have in place in your proposal to make it as competitive as possible.   

Topics covered:  

  • Understanding the evaluation process from admissibility check to final ranking 

  • Within scope assessment: How to make sure your proposal fully matches the call text – call analysis, proposal design, consortium composition, cross-cutting issues  

  • Individual evaluation by independent experts: how to get them on your side considering the different types of evaluators  

  • Final ranking: what happens if two proposals score the same? 

  • Key features of a successful Horizon Europe proposal – understand the elements that will make your proposal stand out amongst others  

  • Evaluation of horizontal aspects: how to address gender, ethics, SSH and interdisciplinary aspects of your proposal 

  • Key steps and success criteria for winning Horizon Europe proposals: how to finalise and polish your proposal before submission  


Why Europa Media?   

Europa Media is Europe’s leading provider of practical training courses on EU’s research and innovation programmes. We have 25 years of experience in developing and implementing projects under the Framework Programmes. Under Horizon 2020, we have been involved successfully in over 30 projects, coordinating six of them. Under the first work programmes of Horizon Europe, we are currently involved in 11 collaborative projects, coordinating one of them. Europa Media’s trainers are actual project managers, coordinators, and financial administrators of these projects, sharing their stories and providing you with hands-on tips based on their everyday experience. For the past 20 years, they have been supporting all the major institutions as well as several of the NCPs in the Member States and countries associated to the Framework Programmes. This event, as always, has been designed based on our direct hands-on experience with EU research and innovation proposals and is, therefore, 100% practice-driven. Our practical approach has attracted over 10,000 participants from all over the world in the past 15 years. Read more about our projects here.   


Who is this course for?      

Whether you have already submitted proposals or managed projects under Horizon 2020 / Horizon Europe, or will be just starting to develop a project proposal for the first time, this course will help you enhance your knowledge and skills in proposal writing and gain hands-on tips to apply in your current and future proposals under Horizon Europe.  

Feedback from previous participants shows that this course is equally useful for: 

  • Project managers and coordinators;  

  • Researchers and research administrators;  

  • Research advisers, EU grant advisers;  

Coming from:      

  • Universities and research institutions;  

  • Public administrations;  

  • SMEs and large companies;  

  • CSOs and NGOs.  


Not ready to take the leap? Check out our recorded webinars and get a quick overview of some of the most burning Horizon Europe topics before joining us at this course! Check them out here!

The trainer

Ömer Ceylan
Ömer Ceylan
Trainer & Consultant, Managing Director of Geonardo
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