Europa Media Trainings

Introduction to EU Projects: Why and why not to apply

Funding landscape series

Crash course on EU funding and projects. We will help you decide whether and how to go ahead with EU funds to finance your ideas.

Date Time Duration
90+30 min

This webinar is for those newcomers who want to understand all about EU funding. All the advantages and disadvantages will be honestly introduced based on our 20 years of experience with EU funded projects. We will explain the lifecycle of an EU project, introduce the rules of the game and discuss the challenges you may face. There are other funding sources available to finance your ideas; so why (de)centralised EU funding?

Topics covered:

  • EU project lifecycle: from calls to audits
  • Direct and indirect funding vs. private financing
  • Advantages and disadvantages of participation
  • Coordinating vs. partnering in projects

At the end of the webinar, you will have all the information that will help you decide for or against EU funding. You will be able to assess if this is really for you, your organisation and your ideas.