What makes a training different from the others?

European Funding Academy 2014-2020-Summer Edition

A wide range of training programmes is available for those who would like to learn or develop their professional skills. Almost everything is available; you can apply for one day or one week course with theoretical or practical focus, you can choose a lower price level or very expensive training courses, organized in-house or off-site.

I assume that everyone has some training experience, which is not always positive. In many cases typical sentences come into our mind after a training course, like:
it would have been great if…” or "I would not have done that but…

Me, as a new member of the Europa Media team already had some prior knowledge and know-how thanks to my previous project management experiences. I have to say though that this was the first time when I really felt that I gained a comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge, which can be easily used during my everyday work.  

The Summer Academies, called “European Funding Academy 2014-2020-Summer Edition” this year, have a long tradition. This time 35 experts from 15 countries participated in the training. For the majority of the participants – including myself – this was the first Europa Media training but there were some experts who had already participated on previous courses. The “returning participants” ensured the “newcomers” from the beginning that this training would be different from the others; they had good reasons to be there again. During the four-day training it was proven for me that it is absolutely true.

How was it proven?

Excellent professional content  > 

The content of the training was developed with an outstanding quality that covers the whole project lifecycle from the call analysis and the proposal development through the project evaluation and implementation until the EC audits. We heard two excellent lectures about the EU Funding System 2014-2020 and the EU Programmes of 2014-2020. The trainers collected all available information about Horizon2020 to share with us. I believe that this information had added value considering that we are really close to the official launch of Horizon2020.

Excellent trainers  >

If I should choose one word to describe the trainers I would say: authentic. Authentic because of the years/decades of hands-on experience, real professionals (project managers and coordinators) who’s day to day job is to turn innovative ideas into competitive proposals, to manage the implementation of these projects and to assist project partners in any financial and administrative issue.  As they have already experienced all the examples they taught us we couldn’t ask a question they did not know the answer to. Their own stories made the curriculum more interesting and more understandable, so I am sure that I will always remember the good tips from the anecdotes. I think we all who were there agree that they are not just excellent trainers but also good people with a good sense of humour who became your friends by the end of the first day, hosts who always have a kind word to you. After all of this who wants a lecturer in suit and tie who you hardly dare to address.

Innovative training approach  >

Finally here is a training where you are not just sitting around and listening during the four days! Learning by doing is an excellent approach for the workshops! The workshops were focused on real life examples. As a team we had to develop a project concept, than we had to evaluate a proposal individually, finally we solved financial and managements situations ourselves.  Personally I learned a lot during these workshops, and it was a unique experience to work with experts who have not met before, who have different professional background and experience but still able to work together as a team to reach our common goals.

Informal training; pleasant atmosphere; excellent social events  >

Perfect balance between the training and the social events - Europa Media understands the importance of it. I think it was important for the 35 participants to make new acquaintances during the 4 days, to know better those with whom they may enter into joint projects in the future! The social events were perfect for this! During the wine tasting, folklore program and the dinner at the Balaton we had a chance to get to know each other better, to have a chat with a glass of wine, and learn to say “egészségedre=cheers” in 15 languages.

Excellent participant  >

I hope that everyone agrees that we were an excellent team, a group of experts who are excellent in their field but also great people. I think that this is why this training will be a very special experience, because we were enriched by not only professional knowledge but also with professional and personal relationship.

So, why was this training different from the others?


>  Excellent training concept and outstanding content;
>  Experienced trainers;
>  Innovative training approach;
>  Pleasant atmosphere; excellent social events;
>  Last but not least, a great team of participants with whom I hope we can

    have a project soon!



Dear participants,

I hope to see you again soon even at the next autumn training. I will be there...





...and you?


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