Geothermal Energy Stakeholder Event

Mayors’ Geothermal Club Inaugural Conference 8 October 2015, Budapest – Hungary

The Mayors’ Geothermal Club (MGC) aims to facilitate synergies and cooperation between the key stakeholders of the European geothermal market with special attention to municipalities with deep geothermal potentials. The MGC will be officially launched on 8 October 2015 within the framework of an inaugural conference in Budapest, Hungary. Representatives of frontrunner European municipalities in geothermal energy applications, technology providers and consultants as well as delegates of key financial institutions with deep geothermal energy in their portfolio (or with the investment potential and interest towards investing into this rapidly developing sector) will be attending to form the core of this Club.

Several panel sessions and roundtable discussions will be held with the contribution of keynote speakers from European and international institutions such as the European Commission’s DG Energy, Covenant of Mayors, ICLEI, European Geothermal Energy Council and EBRD. Within the framework of this event, the organisers are also setting up an exhibition session where key players of the European geothermal market can display their services and products, and liaise with the representatives of the participating municipalities to explore potential future projects.

For more information and to register, please visit the event’s official web site:


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