Learn how to save energy in the office with our new interactive game developed for the START2ACT project!

As a group of SMEs, we at Europa Media and Geonardo are well familiar with the need to apply energy saving practices in our offices. In fact, that is where we drew our inspiration for the START2ACT project. Now, as the project is in its second year, we are never short of creative ideas for engaging ways to deliver our main message – start to act and save energy at work!

Apart from our recently published Knowledge Base, listing all the tips, documents, solutions, tools and products on energy efficiency for SMEs and start-ups, we are working on the e-learning environment targeting office staff and company CEOs.

Before the launch of the e-learning course, Europa Media developed and released a teaser tool – the START2ACT Energy Saving Game.

Having tested the game last week at a networking event, Budapest Business Party, where it generated great interest from dozens of Hungarian business representatives, we are proudly presenting it to a wider audience on the START2ACT website.

Our project managers present the START2ACT project and the Energy Saving Game to visitors

The idea behind the game is to introduce, in a quick and interesting way, the practice of using several office devices that can act as the most efficient measures to cut your office utility bill this summer. We've made sure to create an engaging game. Therefore, players should pay special attention as we've included a number of tricks and potential traps. The added value of the game is the additional knowledge it conveys, as each correct/incorrect answer includes an explanation of the energy saving potential for each device chosen.

We hope you will enjoy playing our game and taking part in our upcoming e-learning courses (to be released in September).

If you work or run an SME or a start-up, be sure to join START2ACT in order to stay updated on our activities and platform news.

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