Our Approach to Creative Communication of Project Mission and Results

Having carried out communication and dissemination services since 2003, EMG group experts ensured higher impact for over 60 EU projects. We believe that various target groups can be reached in simple and yet engaging ways.


From ICT tools to social media, EMG group transforms complex content to engage niche and wider audiences.

With this mission, we have developed, launched and publicised a variety of information sources and tools including web-based platforms, online and offline publications and organised local and international events, securing strong online visibility and creating unique networking opportunities.



We are responsible for creative dissemination of project results in many fields, ranging from energy efficiency to agrifood sector and in all cases the branding and communication channels are adapted to the activity field. By carrying the brand presence to every contact point, we assure consistent and strong brands for the project’s audiences.


EMG group creates modern and visually appealing brands for R&I projects, taking into considerations all the different brand’s applications.


Which logo do you like the best?




Social media

Did you know that currently we manage and update social media for over 20 EU projects? Stay in touch, and follow the latest updates on, for example, entrepreneurship and startup landscape in the EU, energy efficiency or EU-US coperation.


Online tools

Projects’ websites and platforms developed by EMG are user friendly, visually appealing and most importantly, useful and practical. They incorporate complex tools in the most simple and attractive ways, serving as an information hub for all communication activities carried out over the project’s duration.

Our e-learning environments follow the learner-centred principle complementing it with engaging and interactive approaches. We have recently launched our unique e-learning, revealing how we save energy at our premises. Sign up and earn your certificate here.


Event management

EMG organised hundreds of training courses, project events, start-up conferences, stakeholders meetings, and workshops attended by thousands of participants, from entrepreneurs to researchers, all over Europe and beyond. Join us for the upcoming courses on Project Management and Financial Reporting or Proposal Development.


Latest highlights

In the meantime, enjoy our latest product – a fun and engaging video, explaining the mission and services of our START2ACT project. The video has been included into the list of EU funded R&I projects and is making rounds on the EU Science & Innovation YouTube channel. Let us know, if we did a good job explaining how you can save energy at your workplace!


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