Health-2-Market e-learning courses.

Free support for business-minded researchers

New e-learning courses are now available for researchers who wish to see their ideas come to life. Under the EU-funded Health-2-Market project, entrepreneurial-minded researchers have the possibility to learn about how to pursue business ventures and understand the dynamics of their market. The creators are professors from SKEMA business school (France), University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and IE Business School (Spain), who have large experience in both teaching and doing business.

The Health-2-Market courses and materials are free of charge and they focus on two aspects, Entrepreneurship and Business Planning, Business ventures and Marketing and Intellectual Property & Ethics. Whether you already have some experience in the business world, or even if you have never left the science lab, the courses are designed to be easily understood by anyone. The courses range from the basics of marketing strategy to tips on how to attract partners to full-scale business planning. The premise of the service is that science is not just for labs and libraries, but can be commercially exploited for the benefit of the industry and the general public alike.

About Health-2-Market

The Health-2-Market project is a three-year Coordination Action aimed at supporting researchers working in the health and life sciences to bring their ideas to the market. In line with the EU’s vision for more marketable results, the project employs a variety of means to deliver a change to the relationship between research and business.

The logistics and programme itself rely on flexibility due to the desire to cater to the participants’ needs and busy schedules. Next to the new e-learning materials, the services comprise of 15 two-day seminars and 7 one-week “Academy” where both academics and successful industry representatives give insight into how best to transform science into entrepreneurial ventures. Hands-on support and personalized consulting services will also be available and will be conducted by Innovation Coaches.

The topics which Health-2-Market will address are: IPR and asset management, formulation of business and exploitation plans, preparation for the launch of start-ups in health/life science sectors, and case-specific knowledge transfers, should demand exist for it.
On a broader sense, it is expected that, next to equipping scientists with the tools and knowledge which will enable them to pursue their business ideas, Health-2-Market will gradually build a more entrepreneurial mindset among them. 

The project is implemented by Health-2-Market consortium, which consists of: Inno AG, IE University, University of Gothenburg, SKEMA, Engage AG, APRE, Q-Plan North Greece Ltd, White Research Ltd and Europa Media Non-profit Ltd.

by Krisztina Toth & Alina Totti

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