May the 9th be with you (if the 4th hasn’t yet)

Already May? Time goes by so fast and looking at my calendar, we’ve come a long way… I wonder how time felt like back in the 1950s. Well, they didn’t have the indispensable internet connection we have nowadays…

We definitely know how time feels these days, and this May there’s plenty to celebrate. May this spring be with you, may we get through these times healthily and successfully, and may we toast for Europe Day!

Did you know that Hungary joined the EU on May 1st, 2004? That’s another reason we may celebrate this month, being based in Budapest. Just to reassure you, we’ll do so online, like pretty much our entire lives these days.­

Europe has also come a long way since 1950, and especially in the past few months, pretty much like all of us. And like each of you, I have also been living in a news bubble about the current events, and it’s been pretty tiring. So instead of our love for debate and many times criticism, may we share some positive facts, work for and trust in a positive outcome!

Indeed, the overall European response did not come right away, for different reasons I’ll let you make an opinion of by yourselves. However, solidarity has not perished and what’s been done so far is worth mentioning!

Sharing is caring and so did our Member States. I am sure you heard (if you have not, then go hear!) about France, Czech Republic and Austria sending protective and medical equipment to Italy, as well as Germany to Austria, Romania and Sweden. Other examples: Austria, Luxembourg and Germany accommodating patients from France and Italy; Romania, Poland and Germany sending medical personnel to Italy; and more.

Research & Innovation into action. The EU is prioritizing and promoting research on COVID-19 by mobilizing funds to develop vaccines and treatments, improve diagnosis and medical systems to prevent the spread of the virus. Under Horizon 2020, 18 projects and 140 research teams have been granted funding. SMEs and startups have been given support to come up with innovative solutions via the European Innovation Council accelerator programme.

Habuimus[1] Pan-European Hackathon. Last month, Europe came together in a hackathon get hold of the best solutions supporting the European and global response. 20,900 participants from across the EU and even beyond came up with over 2,000 solutions to challenges in different areas, such as health, business, remote work and education, and more. Among the winners, Hungary’s Team Discover came up with a highly scalable patient monitoring system limiting physical contact between nurses and patients. And also Hungary’s Linistry for safe retail came up with a solution for safer retail – limiting the number of customers in-store and manage queues at the entrance.

Bonus fact we may celebrate… Because at EMG Group, we are Europhiles, passionate about EU projects, and united in our own very diversity, we’ll always be there for you and share our euro-passion. Let us take you from idea to project and beyond, like Schuman and co. took the European project from idea to realization!


[1] We all know “habemus” which is present tense; the version I used is past tense, because I am a grammar junkie.

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