Four steps closer to EU project management

Watch 1-hour free webinars about EU project management.

Most of us have experienced the power of procrastination on our own skin. We’ve all been there: Yes, I will work on it tomorrow; I just need to review this task one more time or I simply can't sit down and do this. This may happen because there are a million other things we’d rather be doing, or we simply don’t know where to get started.


And that’s ok. 


Habits and routines grow on us. We need to segment them into smaller goals and make them measurable. Humans can adapt, no big deal. 


Having said this, I

would be incredibly happy if you told me you have been postponing brushing up topics related to EU project management. Why? Because I can offer you something that should come in handy for you and will leave NO room for procrastination.


At Europa Media we’re working to democratise some key knowledge related to EU-funded projects. There are concepts which you simply need to get started in this field, and others which are just convenient to revise. And what better way is there to learn than with a video which you can watch at your own pace?


As a starter pack, on our Resources page, you will be able to watch four one-hour long webinars which deal with some key project management issues. 


Here’s what you can learn:


60’ with Gabriella Lovász, Managing Director of Europa Media Trainings


Do you sometimes wonder where to find trustworthy and reliable information? Whether it’s about finding the right project partner, some IPR advice or data for your market research? In only one hour Gabriella will show you online portals, articles, books and social media channels which you should follow to be aware of the latest tips and news. 


Watch video here.


60’ with Gabriella Lovász, Managing Director of Europa Media Trainings


Competition is high. Submitting a winning proposal is certainly not an easy task but there are sections which could really boost your chances. And those are often overlooked. Topics like gender, ethics, security, and data management amongst others, just need to be properly addressed and the result may surprise you!


Watch video here.


55’ with Evdokia Bairampa and Aleksandra Zivanovic, Communication Managers of EMG Group


If social media and communications are not really your thing, take a break and watch our two Communication managers go through some basic social media rules. In a fun and entertaining way you will learn how to build an effective communication strategy, which channels to choose for your project and how to create a visual identity that will make your project really stand out.


Watch video here.


60’ with Gábor Kitley, Co-Founder and CEO of Europa Media Trainings

Struggling with the difference between eligible and non-eligible costs? Direct and indirect costs calculations? In this one-hour session Gábor will guide you through the most important rules you need to attain in both H2020 and Horizon Europe programmes.

Watch video here.


If you need other types of resources such as templates and informative documents, you can take at the resources we put together for you. For any other type of request, please write to us on our contact page.

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