Time for our new service

Introducing Recorded sessions

Since 2020 we have organised countless webinars on different topics related to an EU project journey. We covered Horizon 2020 topics and welcomed new webinars on Horizon Europe and Erasmus +.  

As we are always trying to deliver the best possible experience for you, we decided to launch a new type of service: recorded sessions.  

One of the biggest obstacles in completing webinars is time. It could happen that exact time such as 2 PM or a date of the webinar doesn’t fit your calendar. Maybe you are invited to an urgent meeting on the day of the webinar, and you, unfortunately, need to miss it. This is where recorded sessions come in handy.  

What are recorded sessions? 

We have selected a couple of webinars that will be available for a limited time only. 

You need to register and create an account (if you have an account, skip this part), and access the video under my account. You can watch the webinar whenever you want it in the given time frame. Don’t worry. We usually make them available for at least five days, so you have plenty of time to complete it.   

The best part is this service is FREE for now. 

Available sessions are:  

07 – 11 June: Horizon Europe: A practical insight (Part 2) 

07 – 11 June: Erasmus 2021-2027: An introduction 

*Pro tips 

  • Deadlines for Erasmus calls are approaching soon, be sure to check our introduction video to make sure you have prepared the best possible proposal.  

  • Please pay attention to the confirmation email, as it will contain additional helpful information. 

  • Keep an eye on our website as more recorded sessions are coming.  


Submit your comment under the blog if you have additional questions, or let us know if this service is useful for you and your organisation.  


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