Back to proposal writing – did I get this right?

September stands for back to proposal writing, so let’s see what this fall has in store for us

Back to proposal writing – did I get this right?
September stands for back to proposal writing, so let’s see what this fall has in store for us

Hello September – the time when we all come back to work in some cases, or to school in others, batteries recharged, refreshed by the Summer break we leave behind now. I hope you took my advice last time, and reserved time for some rest in your Summer plans, besides getting to your keyboards and writing your proposals. I also hope you took my other advice and got your spot at our Get It Right! series, to rock your proposal writing this Autumn. So do it until 13 September if you haven’t yet.

Now let’s get down to the business of this blogpost. Plenty of open calls and opportunities are awaiting the Funding & Tenders Portal, so let me summarize it all for you below.

Cluster 2 – Culture, Creativity and Inclusive society. Whether your expertise and activity are related to democracy, cultural heritage or social and economic transformations, there are plenty of open calls with deadlines this October – check them all out here.

Cluster 3 – Civil security for society. The spotlight is on cybersecurity calls with deadlines at the end of October. You can check out all Cluster 3 calls, with deadlines this Autumn, right here. But here is one you could be interested in:

  • AI for cybersecurity reinforcement – where projects have to determine how to use AI to reinforce cybersecurity in line with EU policy, legal and ethical requirements, and get to know more about how attackers can use AI to get into IT systems.

Cluster 4 – Digital, Industry and Space. Cluster 4 brings a wide pool of opportunities this season, for which I am sure you’re finalizing some proposals right this month. But there are also plenty of open calls with deadlines in October, under destinations such as:

  • World-leading data and computing technologies;
  • Digital emerging technologies for competitiveness and fit for the Green Deal;
  • Human-centred and ethical development of digital and industrial technologies.

And since we were all wondering about European Partnerships and how they would concretize in Horizon Europe, Cluster 4 brings a few calls that implement European Partnerships, like the co-programmed Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, Data and Robotics, and the Partnership on Photonics. Check out all Cluster 4 open calls here.

Bonus tip: check out our upcoming webinar on Practical Insight into Horizon Europe Partnerships to learn about the different types of partnerships and how to join them.

Cluster 5 – Climate, Energy and Mobility. The open calls under this cluster fall under several destinations:

  • Cross-sectoral solutions for the climate transition;
  • Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply;
  • Efficient, sustainable, and inclusive energy use;
  • Safe, Resilient Transport and Smart Mobility services for passengers and goods.

Cluster 5 brings up opportunities for co-programmed partnerships, like the Batteries Partnership and ‘Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility’ (CCAM) Partnership. Catch them all here.

Also spotted in Cluster 5: the Co-funded partnership on Driving Urban Transitions to a sustainable future (DUT), with a19 October deadline and EUR 130 million budget. Check it out here.

Cluster 6 – Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment. From farm2fork, climate, zero pollution, circular bioeconomy, biodiversity, all the way to governance and supporting the Green Deal, you can go for any of the 100+ Cluster 6 open calls this fall. Check them out here.

And that's not all, folks! Spotted in Cluster 6 is also an open call supporting the mission on Soil, health and food - Preparing the ground for healthy soils: building capacities for engagement, outreach and knowledge. Life depends on healthy soils, as they provide food, water, habitats for biodiversity and more.

Ready? Steady? Let’s get back to proposal writing this fall!


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