Attend Coordinators' Day on 26 January

Learn about the Model Grant Agreement in Horizon Europe

Learn about Grant Agreement Preparation on 26 January at Horizon Europe Coordinators’ Day.

Connect at 10:00 AM CET and get ready to spend the morning learning about the changes in the Grant Agreement preparation. During this online event, you’ll learn the details on the preparation and signature of the grant agreement.  

Check out the Model Grant Agreement, the Annotated Grant Agreement and the Grant Agreement Preparation Templates on the Funding and Tenders portal. 

For more information on Horizon Europe’s Coordinators’day, click here.


To give you some extra background, here are some of the changes we observed in the Grant Agreement Preparation phase:

  • The pre-financing amount

The pre-financing amount, which is 40% of the total EU contribution (minus the 5% that goes to the Guarantee Fund / Mutual Insurance Mechanism) in the projects which are currently in Grant Agreement Preparation (this applies to you in case your proposal was favourably evaluated and invited to GAP under the Horizon Europe calls). As of today, we are not sure if this will be harmonised across the different clusters / calls / executive agencies and whether it will stay the same. Nonetheless, since the Horizon Europe scheme has started only recently, the amount may change as the years go by. In Horizon 2020, for instance, the pre-financing amount reached 60-80% most of the time.

  • The Researchers and Associated Partners two new tabs

Under the Associated Partners tab, you can simply introduce the associated partner organisations by searching their PIC. The Researchers tab, on the other hand, is unfortunately not prefilled with the information and data introduced in proposal Part A and needs to be filled in from scratch for all the partners. This might be because the Commission considers that the staff indicated at the proposal stage may have changed in the meantime, and for implementation, you should specify the actual names. Still, we are not sure why the original data does not appear in this section.

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