The “non-draft” AGA for EU Grants 2021-2027: First impressions

The “non-draft” AGA for EU Grants 2021-2027: First impressions
The “Thing” we all have been anxiously waiting for, for a few years now – and sometimes thinking whether it may just never happen as well – has happened: the non-draft (final?) version of the Annotated Grant Agreement (AGA) is out and ready to be downloaded from the F&T portal!  

“3 is the magic number.”  

It’s been over 3 years since Horizon Europe and all other EU programmes in the 2021-2027 funding period were launched. Many projects have been running since then, and until now, we all had to “just assume” so many times during the cost calculations and reporting, simply because the AGA was in a “draft” status – meaning, officially non-binding. 
Finally, the wait is over. Now, the question arises: does it provide all those explanations we’ve been looking for? Short answer: Yes and No. 
👍 Yes, since the explanations on how exactly the GA rules and calculation protocols should be understood are now finally set, legally speaking. Yes, as there are some extras on the examples, as well as additional clarifications. But I’m afraid, that is all for the positives… 
👎 No, as none of the already existing inconsistencies between the phrasing of the GA and the explanations, nor those illogical, never-in-real-life-would-ever-happen examples were cleared or corrected. While the overall length of the AGA now went well over 400(!) pages (simplification, in case you forgot the promise 😊), there are still dozens of scenarios that I could list in a minute, based on real-life examples, which could be understood in at least two different ways, and both could be justified. 
Should you be interested in even more details, join our exclusive training course in Barcelona on 12-13 September, where we will dedicate 2 full days to personnel cost budgeting, calculations and reporting throughout all the different funding schemes (actual to units via lump-sums, and the all-new unit costs for personnel!) and EU grants of 2021-2027.

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