Europa Media Trainings

Challenging Audit Day

Audit course of Europa Media

   Last week’s audit training was quite special for various reasons. Gabor, based on his experience related to EC financial audits as well as the comments and suggestions of the previous audit training participants, has developed a brand new audit workshop:

The participants had to audit us!

We created an almost real scenario where the group of auditors had to cross-check two reporting periods in one of our projects. Of course, not all materials were real, but really seemed like.
Just the evening before the training Gabor’s wife decided to give birth to their second son, so me and my colleague, Ömer, had to lead the workshops and give the presentations about audit. The whole day was a challenge for us and also for the participants, but it all ended perfectly.
Some of our costs were “rejected”, but fortunately the auditors (well, the participants) did not find any systematic errors. The workshop was quite useful and fun for all of us. We managed to provide all useful information to the participants and Gabor’s son and wife are healthy and happy!
Next audit workshop will be in June. If you want to test yourself as an auditor, come and join us!


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