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New clarification in the FP7 Guide to Financial Issues

Management costs



There are discussions about whether or not to charge the costs of project meeting costs under "Management" costs. Let’s see the updated guide:

  • Page 81: Scientific coordination of the project cannot be charged under "other activities" (they are not management). Costs related to project meetings (kick-off, periodic, final) should in principle be charged under RTD activities, since they are deemed to address scientific/research aspects of the project.
  • Page 82: Most of the project meetings are scientific meetings and have to be charged as a scientific (RTD) activity.
  • Page 83 as an example of Management activity: The administrative tasks involved in the preparation, executing and post-processing of major project meetings such as Steering Committee meetings, General Assemblies and meetings with the advisory board (tasks: agendas, invitations, location of meeting places, organization of rooms and equipment, preparation distribution and archiving of materials, minutes and action lists);

Based on the different clarifications and discussions, we still think that, for instance, costs for organising and attending the kick-off meeting can be considered Management costs if planned as such in the budget and if the meeting covers financial and administrative issues and strategic decisions for the project.

Any comments most welcome!

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