Reporting or travelling memories

Everyone working with EU projects knows that there will be time to report all the activities, eventual deviations from the work plan and all the related costs. Still, this exercise always comes to soon and we ask ourselves how time could pass so quickly. 

Sometimes reporting can be a pain. It’s not easy if you for example took over the project in the middle, or if partners are not sharing the right information. Maybe the activities and results are not clear or evidences are missing and time is short. BUT, it can also be an enjoyable activity; when there are many successful activities and good results, the partners send their input timely and things make sense.

And, by reporting, many memories come back, good ones, funny ones, strange ones, everything.
Recently, I finished a final report, and I remembered so many people, events, difficult deadlines, intensive days, long evenings, interesting situations and great moments. I was travelling in memories and re-lived these last 3 years by describing all work we done. I realised I’m already missing some of the tasks and the people - sweet nostalgia.  And of course, as every time I promised myself to be even more organised… we learn as long we live, luckily :)

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