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Prepare for Horizon Europe!
Submit a successful Horizon Europe Proposal!
Horizon Europe attracted many newcomers, meaning you will face fierce competition.

So, if you think your organization needs some extra help with proposal writing, don’t miss our: Get it right! - Horizon Europe Proposal Writing Series.

We will share our experiences to inspire you and make your project idea come to life.
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tip of the month Tips from our experts
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Our experts share advice on managing a consortium, most typical mistakes in Horizon 2020 finances, proposal writing guide for coordinators: tips & common mistakes, and how to rank first with equal score.
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questions and answers Q&A from our participants
Should we collaborate with sister projects?

Building synergies and joint actions with sister projects is a highly supported practice by H2020 and Horizon Europe. Try doing a campaign together for the relevant international day, organize workshops or collaborate on a blog post. We also recommend trying the Horizon Results Booster.
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Master of Finance Series
The Master of Finance Series offers complete knowledge on the financial issues of Research and Innovation projects. The Series consists of 3 parts, delivered in 3 days, online. You can attend the whole course or register for any part(s) separately.
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Horizon Europe proposal writing - Focus: Impact
Impact is the center of Horizon Europe. Still, most proposals fail to address this section adequately. We will present sections 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, and through the mixture of theory, tips and tools, explore how to submit competitive proposals under Horizon Europe.
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selected events Event
Did you join the online session on the Horizon Results Booster?
The event was streamed on 5th October, and it recapped how to make the most out of the platform.
Check our blog to read the summary of all the services.
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selected calls Open call
Plenty of open calls and opportunities are awaiting at the Funding & Tenders Portal. As January and February call deadlines are approaching, don’t forget to check Get it right! - Horizon Europe Proposal Writing Series

Time to write a winning proposal!
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