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April 2022
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Open science
Open Science – one of three Os in Horizon Europe
Open Science, Open Innovation, and Open to the World are gaining more and more importance in the research and innovation scene.

To shed some light on them, our experienced trainer Gabriella prepared a series of blog posts on how these principles affect your Horizon Europe proposal or already funded project.

Read the first blog post here, and listen to the free webinar on the topic here.
tip of the month Tips from our experts
Proposal Writing: Communication

If possible, you should include a partner dedicated to D&C activities in your consortium. D&C can take up more time and costs than originally planned and more experience than what is often assumed.

Check out our free learning materials here and templates here
questions and answers Q&A from our participants
Project Management: Subcontracting

How do you determine what should be done by the partners or the subcontractors?

The core activities of the project must be done by the partners; only smaller parts can be outsourced to subcontractors.
Upcoming webinars
Get it right! - Horizon Europe Proposal Writing Series
Are you going to submit a Horizon Europe proposal in the upcoming weeks or months? After submitting 15 Horizon Europe proposals, and getting 8 funded, our trainers are eager to share with you their lessons learnt. Join them at our Get it right! webinar series and go through the key Horizon Europe changes with them.
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Master of Finance: All You Need to Know About EU R&I Projects Financial Rules
This May, get your H2020 and Horizon Europe finances up to standard with Gabor, our finance mastermind. Gabor will highlight the differences between the two programmes, and will give you some insights on personnel costs calculation, direct and indirect costs and much more.
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selected events Event
Did you know you can contribute to shaping EU policies with the European Citizens' Initiative?

Learn more about how to make full use of it in the upcoming webinars and workshops delivered by the EC.

Save the date: 6 and 12 April, online only!

Learn more from our blog post here
selected calls Open call
Do you think your organisation can support a sustainable hydrogen economy thus contributing to EU’s climate goals?

Then you may want to consider submitting a proposal with the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking partnership.

Calls open on 31 March and close on 31 May.
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