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May 2022
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Open science
Open to the World – another feature of Horizon Europe

To end our blog series on Open Science, Open Innovation, and Open to the World principles, we are sharing our final post on Open to the World principle.

If you want to learn more about the importance of these principles for your project, take a look at our Horizon Europe Funding Academy, where we discuss this more thoroughly, together with data management!

tip of the month Tips from our experts
Proposal Writing: Coordinator’s perspective

When you start considering the partners, you should already have the project idea and the concept in mind. Do your homework and try to understand why that certain topic is in the work programme and what the EC wants to achieve with it.

Our Managing Director, Gabriella Lovasz, gives more hands-on tips in our free webinar, available until 10 May!
questions and answers Q&A from our participants
Dissemination and Communication

Are social media paid ads considered eligible costs?

Yes, they are! Depending on the chosen platforms and the reach you aim to achieve, you should plan for a social media budget.

Enjoy one hour of D&C by listening to a recorded webinar in collaboration with EMDESK.
Upcoming webinars
Horizon Europe Impact Workshop | 10 May 2022
Are you going to submit a Horizon Europe proposal in the upcoming weeks or months? Our trainers are eager to share with you their lessons learnt. Join them at our full-day Horizon Europe Impact Workshopand go through
  • KPIs
  • Risks and barriers
  • Exploitation and sustainability
  • Agreements and tools to maximise the impact
  • Strategies to tailor an effective dissemination and communication plan, and more!
Join us!
Horizon Europe Funding Academy | 7-10 June
Based on our experience and your needs, we have combined proposal development, project management and financial topics to create the ultimate Horizon Europe Funding Academy! This 4-day event can be attended fully, or you can register for separate parts:

Part one (7-8 June) on Proposal Development i.e.

  • Drafting part A and part B of the proposal,
  • Good practice examples,
  • Developing sound workplan,
  • Impact, dissemination and communication.

Part two (9-10 June) on Project Management and Financial Rules and Reporting I.e.

  • Legal obligations
  • Open science and data management
  • Guides to financial rules
  • Financial report
Join us!
See more webinars and free recordings
selected events Event - Horizon Europe Missions
Are you starting your Horizon Europe journey, or you just want to browse the opportunities and revise your knowledge?

Check out the event on Horizon Europe Missions we found just for you!

Save the date: 17 and 18 May – online!

Learn more from our blog post.
selected events Event - Lump Sum Funding in Horizon Europe
  • How does Lump Sum funding work?
  • What are the main novelties in lump sum funding?
  • How to write a lump sum proposal?
For the answers, look no further than Lump Sum Funding in Horizon Europe livestream we found just for you!

Save the date: 19 May – online!

Learn more from our blog post.
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