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June 2022
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Time sheets due today
Timesheets: how to track and report time spent on your project

Maybe you are preparing to kick off your new project or you are about to write a proposal. Either way, make sure to save our latest post on timesheets in Horizon Europe!

How should you fill in your timesheets? What serves as alternative evidence? Learn this and much more from our blog post and delve deeper into this topic during our Horizon Europe Academy, both online and face-to-face version in Barcelona.

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tip of the month Tips from our experts

Our communication manager Catalina offers some insight into social media posts, whether you are curious about project social media, or communications in general:

Rule number one: Have a very clear idea of who you are writing for. If you know your target audience, you will know how to get your message across via social media. At the same time, remember the ‘why’ behind your social media presence.

For more tips from our Comms and Design team, read more in a post we wrote in collaboration with Research to Action.
questions and answers Q&A from our participants

What is a trusted repository?

Trusted repositories have certification for digital repositories and support open access where possible.

Within the European Framework CTS, Nestor Seal or ISO certifications are used.

In Horizon R&I projects, if you don’t have a disciplinary repository, you may choose Zenodo or look at the portal for a repository that has certification.

Upcoming Horizon Europe Academies
Horizon Europe Academy live in Barcelona! | 13-17 June 2022

Are you going to submit a Horizon Europe proposal in the upcoming weeks or months? Is your Horizon Europe project starting soon? Or is the reporting period for your Horizon 2020 project approaching? Our trainers are eager to share with you their lessons learnt. Join them at our five-day face-to-face Horizon Europe Academy and go through:

Part one (13-14 June) on Proposal Development with Jelena and Ömer, and

Part two (15-17 June) on Project Management and Financial Rules and Reporting with Krisztina and Gabor!

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Horizon Europe Academy online | 7-10 June

If you are not able to meet us in person, we have created the online version of the ultimate Horizon Europe Academy! Based on our experience and your needs, we have combined proposal development, project management and financial topics to create this course. This four-day event can be attended fully, or you can register for separate parts:

Part one (7-8 June) on Proposal Development and

Part two (9-10 June) on Project Management and Financial Rules and Reporting.

Use the code horizoneurpe to get a 20% discount!

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selected events Find a perfect researcher – a matchmaking platform

No matter the scientific field you are in, if you are interested in postdoctoral fellowships, doctoral networks, staff exchanges and placements, make sure you check out the newest matchmaking platform:

The virtual Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions matchmaking platform

Find out how it works in our blog post.
selected events Event: 2022 UIIN conference in Amsterdam

We are proud to be one of the sponsors of this year's UIIN conference taking place in Amsterdam 13-15 June!

Gabriella and Krisztina will meet you there and chat over coffee. The main topic will be Horizon Europe and we cannot wait for you to get the taste of what we prepared - see the hint on our LinkedIn page!

Will you be there?

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