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August 2022
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Do you have what it takes to become a Horizon Europe project coordinator?
Do you have what it takes to become a Horizon Europe project coordinator?

In this blog series, our Managing Director Gabriella Lovasz describes the challenges partners and coordinators can face while writing a proposal. We hope this glimpse into the world of proposal development can help you discover if you want to be a project coordinator or if your preferred role is one of a trusted partner.

Read Gabriella’s tips and stay tuned for two more posts in the series, where we will tackle more proposal writing tasks, budgeting, checklists, and other

tip of the month Tips from our experts

Make use of European Commission channels!

Do you know that The European Commission can help you build an efficient dissemination and communication strategy?

Whether your project is organising a public event, a press demonstration, or has just delivered exciting results, we recommend using EC channels to help you spread the word! In this post, we present tools and channels such as Horizon Results Platform, Horizon Results Booster, Open Research Europe, European IP Helpdesk, and European Open Science Cloud.

After you get familiar with these, you can also check out EC’s other well-known platforms and tools here.

questions and answers Q&A from our participants

Can you see a Dissemination and Communication Plan as an actual deliverable?

Many Dissemination and Communication deliverables are public and therefore openly available to consult - such deliverables are published on project websites. There are no official templates to follow and no indications about the number of pages this document should have. However, the strategy should elaborate on key aspects such as the exploitable results and project activities, objectives, the target audience, tools and channels that will be deployed to engage with stakeholders and end-users, the KPIs, monitoring procedures, and tools.

Our September Horizon Europe Courses
Join our upcoming face-to-face courses in Brussels and Budapest this September!

Horizon Europe Project Development and Management – Junior edition
(28-30 September in Budapest)

We are waiting for 15 newcomers and junior staff members in our office in Budapest to discuss writing and submitting competitive proposals, introduce basic financial rules and principles, and budget development, and cover project management tools, procedures, and novelties under Horizon Europe.

Join us!

Horizon Europe Project Management and Financial Reporting
(27-29 September in Brussels)

We welcome you to our course in Brussels, where we will go through project management novelties and financial rules and reporting using practical tips and real-life examples from our practice.

Join us!
Join our new webinar series this September and start managing your recently funded projects with the right foot!

Check out how our experts can help you with preparatory tasks and the initial first steps of your project implementation and apply to the webinar series Get it right! - From Grant Agreement to Continuous Reporting
(21-23 September, online)

Join us!
See all autumn face-to-face courses and webinars
selected events European Researchers’ Night

Do you have any plans for Friday, 30 September?

We suggest you attend the 2022 European Researchers’ Night!

Join numerous activities organised in 25 countries across Europe online or on-site! Find out which events take place in your country and consult their websites for more information.

selected events Test time!

We invite you to visit our website and test your Horizon Europe knowledge! This fun test presents an easy way to see where you stand in the forest of Research and Innovation projects. Submit your answers to 15 questions and see your strong suit and the areas that might need improvement.

If you remain uncertain, book a meeting with us and we can assess your knowledge together and help your team via different services!

Click here to start the test!

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