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Are you preparing your Horizon Europe project budget?

What is the logic behind the Commission's new favourite form of funding?

The Commission's ultimate goal is to minimize administrative burden, focus on the content rather than the formalities of reporting, and simplify the financial processes.

But there are still many unknowns regarding lump sums, and we shed some light on the specificities of this approach in a blog post by our Senior Project Manager Jelena Kajganovic but also in our new free webinar!
tip of the month Thoughts from our experts

Jelena shares more of her thoughts on budgeting and finances in an episode of The Grant podcast.

Jelena and Niels are taking you through the budget template, internal charts and tables, preparations and more.

A quick tip: Don’t forget that building the budget should ideally be one of the last things you do when you are writing a proposal – once you have all your activities settled and you agreed with all the partners. First and foremost, you need to know who does what!
questions and answers Q&A from our participants - Horizon Europe financial guidelines

Q: What happens if we make mistakes when calculating costs?

A: If you make mistakes, you may correct them in the next reporting period, submitting an adjustment to the previous period.

Find more answers connected to reading, understanding, and complying with Horizon Europe financial guidelines in our Q&A sheet created together with EMDESK!
Join us around Europe this spring!

Spend 21-23 February in Lisbon, meet our CEO and financial expert, Gabor Kitley, and make sure to ask him:

  • About the Annotated Model Grant Agreement,
  • How to harmonise your Horizon 2020 personnel costs calculation and timesheets with the all-new requirements set by Horizon Europe,
  • What are eligible personnel costs,
  • Which one should you choose – actual costs or unit costs?
Register here!
Save your spot for a free webinar on lump sum funding!

Does lump sum funding mean higher financial risk or less flexibility in managing your grant? Or does it ease your job by removing the need to report actual costs?

Join our trainers, Krisztina and Omer, on 31 January at 10 AM for tips, elucidations, and the fundamentals of lump sum projects in 60 minutes.
Register here!
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selected events Event - EU missions info days

If you are interested in funding opportunities for projects helping to reach the EU Missions goals in the areas of health, climate, and the environment, join EU Missions info days and get informed about the new topics included in the EU Missions work programme 2023.

The event is fully online from 17-18 January, and you can register here.

We are hoping to see you!
selected events Event – Horizon Europe Coordinators’ Day

Horizon Europe Coordinators' Day: Grant Agreement Preparation is a hybrid event – so you can attend it live in Brussels or remotely.

Check the event agenda and register here.

On 2 February, you can dive into the grant preparation process, practical details, description of action, and more!

Use this opportunity and master your Grant Agreement!
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