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Are you preparing your Horizon Europe project budget?

Meet our CEO and the expert in all things finance - Gabor Kitley!

We recently caught up with Gabor before his course, and learned about his extensive experience, entertaining anecdotes from previous courses, his favourite parts of teaching, and questions he often receives on Horizon Europe costs, audits, and finances.

There are still limited places to discuss Horizon Europe financial matters with him, from 21 to 23 February in Lisbon.

tip of the month Thoughts from our experts - proposal development

Cluster 4 projects will be developing technologies that will be applied and used in sectors such as health, transport, energy, food and agriculture, and culture.

When you start reading the Cluster 4 Work Programme, you will see that many topics require demonstrating the expected impact by including a business case and exploitation strategy for industrialisation.

How to best deal with this request? Read Gabriella’s insights in our blog post, and join her and Jelena on 16 February for a workshop dealing exclusively with Cluster 4 topics.

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questions and answers Q&A from our participants - Lump sum in Horizon Europe

Q: How does pre-financing work for lump sum projects?

A: The same way as for all Horizon Europe grants! It is a certain percentage of the lump sum defined in the Grant Agreement. Remember: A small percentage of the lump sum will be offset from the pre-financing as a contribution to the Mutual Insurance Mechanism!

Missed our free webinar on lump sum? We will broaden this discussion on 14 February. Join Krisztina and Omer for the A-Z of lump sum scheme!

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Our upcoming courses on Horizon Europe

All things finance with our CEO and financial expert, Gabor Kitley, 21-23 February in Lisbon

In just 3 days, we will go through – among many others - all the HE and H2020 financial rules with examples, calculations, and real-life scenarios, with a special focus on personnel costs and daily rate/hourly rate "chaos." You will practice reporting project costs during our hands-on workshop and gain experience on what happens if things go differently to the "textbook" - as in real life. But that's not all! On the last day, we will change roles, and during our audit workshop, you will be the EC auditor who has to find the errors.
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Secure your spot for a webinar on lump sum funding!

Lump sum grants can be quite a great deal to manage, without knowing the ins and outs.

But we have good news: our experienced trainers, Omer and Krisztina, are here for you with pro tips and tricks on how to successfully write and manage your lump sum project, from A to Z. Save your spot and join our trainers on February 14th.

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Think ahead and apply for Horizon Europe Academy Essentials

Ready to take your first steps in HE proposal development and project implementation?

Our exclusive course covers the A-Z on how to get started with developing a proposal and the basics of smooth project implementation. All this mixed with our unique hands-on workshops for you to put into practice the knowledge you gain. Don't miss out our Horizon Europe Academy Essentials: Proposal Development, Project Implementation and Finances, 1-3 March in Prague!

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See more spring courses and webinars
selected events Event - SPEAR’s Conference

Less than 1 month to SPEAR’s final conference!

Gender equality practitioners, researchers, innovation leaders and policymakers will come together in Copenhagen to discuss the future of gender equality, inclusivity and democratic values in European Academia.

If you cannot join us in person on 1 March, you can still participate online in the first session of the day – register here before 27 February.

selected events Event – EC workshop

Did you participate in mature R&I projects funded under EU R&I funding programmes?

This half-day virtual Workshop on Innovation Fund synergies is helping you explore funding opportunities under the EU Innovation Fund to deploy your technologies!

The workshop will be webstreamed, and interactive participation is encouraged. Check the agenda register here for European Framework Programme for R&I - Innovation Fund Synergies Workshop!

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