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New version of the Annotated Grant Agreement, now what?

We all witnessed the dawn of a new AGA version and that made us wonder: are we fooled? What a difference a day makes?

Our founder Gabor has a blog series and analyzes the most burning topics that got everyone lost in translation, while reading the new AGA. Check out Part 1 on personnel cost calculation here, Part 2 on time-keeping requirements here, and Part 3 on internally invoiced goods and services here.

tip of the month On everyone's mind (or not really)

Proposal writing and project management are taking a great deal to figure out. But have you considered the legal side of your project? Yeah, the one with Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement... For starters, we invite you to read our trainer Gabriella’s blogposts on CA models. Check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

And seize the chance to get more insights into the Grant Agreement here and into the Consortium Agreement here.

questions and answers Q&A from our participants

Q: How can you organize the perfect event for your EU-funded project?

A: You need a well-defined task list to cover the “before, during and after”. And besides logistics, there’s also a lot of communication and dissemination work behind.

Dig into the details of event communication and organization for your project with our upcoming FREE webinar, on May 18. Read more here.

Level up your Horizon Europe proposal writing, project management and finances
Master of Finance and EC Audits

Meet Gabor in Brussels, on 15-17 May, and enjoy figuring out together the new Annotated Grant Agreement version and Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 finances over a waffle (or more). This is your chance to try out our brand-new workshops, now updated, given the new version of AGA – financial reporting, where you’ll practice based on contracts, timesheets, payslips invoices and mission reports. And our exclusive audit workshop where you can be an EC auditor for a day, get the “other” side’s perspective and overcome your fear of auditing.

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Horizon Europe Academy
Proposal Writing

Get a complete insight into writing and submitting competitive proposals. Plus, you’ll also be part of our proposal development workshop on both days, to equip you with the right tools to develop your proposals with confidence, from call analysis to mastering your proposal Impact section! Join Ömer and Jelena on 6-7 June in Eindhoven and level up your proposals from conception to submission.

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Horizon Europe Academy
Project Management and Financial Reporting

Seize the chance to level up your project management and reporting, including the A to Z on financial rules and reporting in Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020. Bonus – a personnel cost calculation workshop, based on timesheets, payrolls, employment contracts, and other relevant documentation for several virtual employees, to master the calculation of personnel costs within Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 projects. Dig into hard-core topics with our top trainers Gabor and Krisztina on 8-9 June, in Eindhoven.

Psst! You can sign up for both parts of the Academy, from 6 to 9 of June, at a special price. Check it out and sign up here.

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selected events Events – Europe Day 2023

This May the EU institutions invite you to a wide range of activities across the EU Member States, as well as in the home of the EU institutions in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg. Check out all the activities here.

And at Europa Media we are celebrating our own way: a 1-day deep dive into Horizon Europe proposal writing. Read more and sign up here.

selected events News

The results of the public consultation on the future of EU Research and Innovation programmes are now public

Check out the views of stakeholders and individuals on the performance of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe, which will be contributing to the next Horizon Europe Strategic Plan 2025-2027. Read more here.

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