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New month, new events, new learning opportunities

New month, new events, new learning opportunities

Meet our trainers Krisztina and Iasmina at the end of this month in Prague. What for? Check out Iasmina’s blogpost here to find out more. You can already find one of the clues if you read this newsletter until the end.

Need more clues? Check out more here.

tip of the month On everyone's mind

We all love it when writing a proposal goes smoothly... Ah, forget it, it's never a perfect scenario, right? What if your proposal is almost ready, and suddenly a partner drops out and another is a tough cookie on the budget?

Find out how to manage all this in our upcoming FREE webinar on 25 April!

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questions and answers Q&A from our participants

Q: Results, outcomes, long-term impacts and KPIs should be listed together or can also be divided in different tables?

A: We recommend including all of those in one single table, to keep a cohesive narrative and simplify the linkages in your project.

Want to know more? Dig into hard-core proposal writing on May 9. Read more here.

Get ahead of the game in your Horizon Europe journey
Master of Finance and EC Audits

Good news! Gabor is back with a face-to-face edition of the Master of Finance and EC Audits – this time in Brussels! Join him on 15-17 May and enjoy Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 finances over a waffle (or more). Gabor will show how to practically apply these financial rules and protocols in your day-to-day operations. Plus, this is your chance to try out our brand-new workshops – financial reporting, where you’ll practice based on contracts, timesheets, payslips invoices and mission reports. And our exclusive audit workshop where you can be an EC auditor for a day, get the “other” side’s perspective and overcome your fear of auditing.

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Horizon Europe Academy
Proposal Writing

Get a complete insight into writing and submitting competitive proposals and get equipped with the right tools to develop your proposals with confidence! Join Ömer and Jelena on 6-7 June in Eindhoven and level up your proposals from conception to submission.

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Horizon Europe Academy
Project Management and Financial Reporting

Seize the chance to level up your project management and reporting, including the A to Z on financial rules and reporting in Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020. Dig into hard-core topics with our top trainers Gabor and Krisztina on 8-9 June, in Eindhoven.

Psst! You can sign up for both parts of the Academy, from 6 to 9 of June, at a special price. Check it out and sign up here.

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selected events Event – EARMA Conference 2023

This year’s EARMA Conference will take place on 24-26 April, in Prague. Join for 3 days of networking, sharing best practice and reconnecting with friends.

Check out more details here.

We are hoping to meet you there!

selected events News

Hacking research translation: EU looks to hackathons to extract value from its datasets

How to get more value out of the data coming from EU-funded research? Hackathons. Why? Find out in this article by Science Business.

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