Dissemination and Exploitation in Horizon Europe, a free EC webinar.

The European IP Helpdesk Training Team has organised another informative D&E webinar.

The European IP Helpdesk Training Team has organised another informative D&E webinar. 

On 9th June, from 9:30 to 12:30 CEST make time to join the Dissemination and  Exploitation webinar organised by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and held by the European IP Helpdesk Training Team. The event will be streamed live and will be available to watch on the event page.  

As usual, the event will be supported by a Slido session in which webinar participants can submit their own questions. Depending on the number of questions received and published in the Q&A section, only the most voted ones will be answered during the session.  

As you most likely already know, the D&E section under Horizon Europe presents many changes. On 9th June you will get an overview of how to address this section in the proposal, a revision of the concepts of communication, dissemination and exploitation, the issue of IP management, and the two new EC support services: Horizon Results Platform and the Horizon Results Booster.  

If you want to dive deeper into those topics, you can also join our Proposal Writing webinar on 14-15 June, as part of our European Funding Academy.  

  • Read more about our Proposal Writing webinar here.  

But if you would like to start reading about the topic first, I can recommend you some of our Communication and Dissemination blogs:  

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