5 FREE Horizon Europe webinars you need to attend

5 FREE Horizon Europe webinars you need to attend

Join us for free this September to leverage your Horizon Europe knowledge

September and the time to get back to serious business is around the corner (not that I want it to rain on your parade...). And, if you’re a sporty one, you know you need a little warmup session before the actual business. 

At Europa Media, we thought it through this summer, and to support you better in getting back to your proposal submissions and project implementation journeys, our trainers have prepared for you a series of 5 FREE webinars to start September on the right foot.  

What’s better? These webinars are only one hour long each and they cover key points you need to master during the entire lifecycle of your Horizon Europe, from preparing your proposal to managing your project and finances. 


Call analysis step-by-step or how to make sure your proposal fully matches the call text 

The call text bears essential information that you should consider when writing your proposal, and sometimes it can be quite “hidden” if you didn’t read it through carefully. So, how do you figure it out? Join Ömer and he will show you all the steps to take to successfully decipher the call text and align your proposal with all the European Commission’s requirements. Ömer will take a real Horizon Europe topic and show you live how to do a proper call analysis. 

When? 4 September 2023, at 10 AM CEST 

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2.3 Impact Summary or how to put all proposal puzzle pieces together to show a complete, clear impact picture to the evaluators 

Is trying to summarize the impact of your proposal in a table also taking your patience away? Then let Gabriella show you how we tamed this section in our Horizon Europe proposals. There are two ways to approach it, and Gabriella will share examples from her experience, what the evaluators usually say about it, and she will equip you with hands-on exercises that you and your consortium partners can apply in your future proposals.  

When? 5 September 2023, at 10 AM CEST 

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How to build an engaging visual identity for your Horizon Europe projects and reach your audience - the golden rules 

What do your favorite brands and EU projects have in common? One thing is for sure: a distinctive visual identity, which can make your project proposal stand out and position your project among other EU-funded projects. This one aspect, often overlooked, is paramount for your communication and dissemination strategy. Fruzsina and Evdokia will give you their golden rules to start your project design journey, with real-life scenarios and examples from our own projects. 

When? 6 September 2023, at 10 AM CEST 

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What a difference a day makes – a.k.a. how to reset your time-recording to match Horizon Europe’s personnel cost reporting rules?      

Do you know how many hours make a day in Horizon Europe? Nope, it’s not 24 hours... This is the tough nut to crack in the all-new Horizon Europe personnel cost calculation model. How do you find the most optimal solution? Join Gabor and dive into the different solutions for converting your hourly-based time recording to days, including how to handle part-time employment, joining or leaving during the (reporting period of the) project, and parental and sick leaves. 

When? 7 September 2023, at 10 AM CEST 

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Top tools to keep your Horizon Europe project on track or how to efficiently monitor your project performance 

Whether you’re coordinating a Horizon Europe project and are lost in project management horror stories or you’re one of the other beneficiaries, and you don’t know what your coordinator wants from you, then joining Iasmina can elucidate the mystery for you. Get the gist of how important it is to set up an internal monitoring system to keep track of your project progress timely and efficiently. And no, it’s not going to be double the work, but it will help you a great deal in your official reporting to the European Commission.  

When? 8 September 2023, at 10 AM CEST 

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Until next time in the blog space... happy proposal writing and project managing! 

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