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May 2021 be with us all!
2020 was quite the ride, but we never gave up on the importance of learning and keeping you up to date with practice-driven tips and tricks.

We have prepared a new set of webinars for 2021 – check them out and do not miss on learning all Horizon Europe's novelties!
tip of the month Tips from our trainers
Addressing the gender dimension in R&I proposals: why and how

Find out why you need to address the gender dimension in research and innovation and how to do so, while achieving your impact.
questions and answers Q&A from our participants
How can you include changes in your technical report without amendments?
Cost reallocations, reallocations of tasks between partners, for instance, do not need an amendment. However, if you want to remove a task or need to have a type of cost that was not initially planned, that might require an amendment.
Upcoming courses
What is new in Horizon Europe
This webinar focuses on introducing the changes that Horizon Europe brings, in comparison with the current Horizon 2020 programme.
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28th January | 14:00 CET

Master of Finance Series
The Master of Finance Series offers complete knowledge on the financial issues of Research and Innovation projects.
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9th – 11th February
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events EU Industry Week 2021: Local events
Organising a local event under the umbrella of EU Industry Week 2021 is an excellent opportunity to bring visibility to your event and contribute to the reflection sparked by EU Industry Week. Stakeholders from all sectors and ecosystems of industry are invited to submit their proposals to organise a local event December 13th.
calls Towards Climate-Neutral and Socially Innovative Cities
Actions are expected to develop a one-stop shop platform providing the necessary technical, regulatory, financial and socio-economic expertise as well as assistance to cities for developing and implementing their climate action plans, and related social innovation action plans.
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