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Are you preparing your Horizon Europe project budget?

Are you preparing your Horizon Europe project kick-off meeting?

In the latest blog series, our Senior Project Manager Maria Beatriz Rosell focuses on some general and logistics tips for a more successful Horizon Europe kick-off meeting.

Which principle to follow when choosing a venue? What to avoid on the morning of your kick-off meeting? Whom to contact prior to this event?

Learn this and more via our blog or join our experts for Horizon Europe courses that focus on project management.

tip of the month Tips from our experts

Get familiar with the Financial Regulation publication applicable to the general budget of the Union from July 2018. This document lays down rules on implementing the Union budget, including the rules on grants, in Title VIII. This is how we know what is meant under double-funding or that non-recoverable VAT is an eligible cost.

Then, there is the Horizon Europe Rules for Participation which has many paragraphs that start with “By way of derogation from Article XYZ of the Financial Regulation ….” These tell much more about exceptions and specific rules. This is how we can know, e.g., that income generated by the exploitation of the results shall not be considered receipts of the action.

questions and answers Q&A from our participants - finance

Q: Why is there no end date for continuous reporting?

A: You are bound by the Grant Agreement to do your best to exploit and disseminate your results up to 4 years after the end of your project - this is also known as the best effort obligation. Even after your project is officially closed, the continuous reporting is still open for you to report on any exploitation and dissemination developments.

Join us in Budapest for the Horizon Europe Grant Week

Spend three days this November discussing Horizon Europe - choose our Grant Week

Check out how our top-notch experts can help you write proposals, develop budget, manage your projects and getting the financial rules right!

Book your calendar 9-11 November, put Budapest on your itinerary and let's:

  • Turn your idea into a winning concept,
  • Secure measures to maximise your impact,
  • Plan resources and budgeting,
  • Talk about project management novelties!
Join us!

For monitoring checklists and personnel cost calculation examples in Horizon Europe

Visit our two webinar sessions on 15 and 16 November and hear about:

  • Financial matters related to budget development,
  • Budget monitoring,
  • Hourly and daily rate calculations!

Listen to the webinars, discuss and get finances right!

Join us!
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Are you a CEE-based startup that wants to connect, learn and get inspiration from the most recognized global founders?

Look no further than the Untold Stories Conference!

The Untold Stories Conference is held on 29-30 November in Budapest, and it puts the smartest startup entrepreneurs in the same room.

To meet potential partners for your corporate innovation initiatives, talk to top-notch VCs, founders and operators, get the startup catalogue, sign here.

selected events Event summary

The biggest and most impactful research and innovation event in 2022, bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public happened online, 28-29 September.

This year, European Research and Innovation days were packed with panel discussions, interactive sessions on the current research and innovation panorama, and practical workshops on Horizon Europe proposal writing and financial management.

Read our short summary here and tell us your biggest impressions!

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