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Coordinator's Guide to Horizon 2020 projects project management 351.84 KB
A few basic issues to understand when it comes to preparing yourself to coordinate research and innovation projects. The templates we refer to are not linked in the document. Check our Templates section below.
Q&A: H2020 personnel cost calculation and reporting finances 1.95 MB
These questions were asked by webinar participants where we talked about personnel cost calculation in H2020. The webinar recording is not available freely, but we publshed the Q&As (more than 50 questions).
Tasks of a coordinator project management 123.13 KB
What are the official tasks of a coordinator? Is there anything else based on reality? Check the details.
Project Toolbox project management 65.85 KB

A folder of project management tools, which you, as a coordinator, prepare for your partners to support their everyday administration of work progress, financial and technical reporting, archiving, etc.

The EU's Research and Innovation funding landscape 2021-2027 horizon europe 1.50 MB
Research and Innovation is financed through different budget lines, we are collecting all relevant programmes in this document. At the end of the document you can find a full summary table.
H2020 Checklist - With eyes on Horizon Europe horizon europe 812.98 KB
What to still consider in your proposals and running projects in Horizon 2020? - considering the new trends we know on Horizon Europe.
Horizon Europe: insights to get you started 2.37 MB

Presentation of our live webinar session on LinkedIn, 22nd of June 2020