One partner is not providing high quality input to the proposal: how to deal with it?

Mariana Mata Lara

In H2020 proposals, where consortia often consist of 10+ partners per proposal, it is likely that partners will work at different paces. That is okay when you, as coordinator, know where to pull and how to approach to get the…

Halfway through Horizon 2020. What to expect next?

Cosmina Bisboaca

The European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, announced measures to be adopted for the Horizon 2020 Work programme 2018-2020, the final work programme of Horizon 2020 for the last three years.

Proposal Development Challenges. Building an International Consortium

Liliya Levandovska

Whether you are an organization with extensive experience in proposal development or a newcomer looking to develop a competitive proposal, you’ve faced the challenge of building a consortium, which is best suited to carry out the tasks envisaged within the…

Planning publications in a Horizon 2020 proposal

Valentina Zuri

While preparing materials for our own training courses on impact, exploitation and dissemination activities under H2020, I came to re-read a classic guideline for researchers to understand the publishing process: “How to publish in scholarly journals”, by Elsevier.

Inspiration from Our Ocean Conference & Youth Summit

Mariana Mata Lara

The 400 global commitments on actions for healthier oceans made at #OurOcean Conference in Malta on 5-6 of October, surpassed the 7 billion euros and it is definitely a success! However, for youngsters that inherited the weight of…

What is next for Europe?

Cosmina Bisboaca

The political situation within EU has been changing significantly during the last year. In fact, it may have seemed that elections and actions in different EU countries questioned the very core values and made the Union’s foundation shake.

BLUE ECONOMY – What is it all about?

Mariana Mata Lara

The term “Blue Economy” was first used by Gunter Pauli to describe his business model to shift society from scarcity to abundance "with what is locally available", but it has surged into common usage all over the world…

How to turn underutilized areas of Europe into valuable lands to produce sustainable bioenergy?

Péter Gyuris

In Europe, there is a series of underutilized land. Contaminated, marginal, fallow lands etc. are fragmented areas quite common throughout the continent, as a result of improper forestry management, excessive mining activities, environmental pollution, or simple mismanagement of arable lands.

Maximising a project’s impact: EMG group’s interactive online tools

Liliya Levandovska

Currently EMG group is actively involved in coordination and implementation of more than a dozen of EU projects. Digitalization and globalization have positively changed the project implementation and management processes facilitating access to information and enriching the target audience with…

Exchanging views on US and EU funding landscapes: from California to Hungary

Dawn Underwood

Between 9 and 24 July 2017 I travelled to Budapest to Europa Media offices thanks to the NCURA/EARMA Fellowship Program for an exchange experience from Chapman University (California). The NCURA/EARMA Fellowship program has two objectives: the training of research administrators…

Plastic Free July

Mariana Mata Lara

Last month there was a worldwide challenge called PLASTIC FREE JULY. Did you hear about it? Do you know why it mattered? You probably wonder what all the fuzz around plastic is about. Is it true all what they say?…

European Funding Academy: full immersion into the Horizon 2020 world

Cosmina Bisboaca

From 13 to 16 June 2017, I had the pleasure to attend a unique event in its genre: the European Funding Academy organised yearly by Europa Media. A tradition that has become a long-awaited event and well known by researchers,…