Resubmitting a proposal

Mariana Mata Lara

Why you shouldn’t cheer down and throw a non-awarded proposal away!

7 tips on how to successfully survive an EC Audit in Horizon 2020

Gábor Kitley

Financial audits of Horizon 2020 projects are probably regarded as the scariest thing in the project lifecycle, unless you ask someone who have already been through it. Whether it is performed directly by the Commission officials or by subcontractors…

H2020 Project Management: which Methodology should you use? Part 1/3: PM2

Valentina Zuri

At Europa Media we have acquired a methodology for project management that is fully tailored to projects funded under the EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation, and is fully based on our own experience. Working in this industry however…

7 typical mistakes in calculation of eligible personnel costs in H2020

Gábor Kitley

Personnel costs generally make up the majority of a project budget in Horizon 2020. Consequently, it is also the most common field for potential mistakes and errors. The complexity of the eligibility rules and the various exceptions are the main…

5 most common mistakes in H2020 Financial Reporting

Gábor Kitley

Although reporting the eligible costs of a Horizon 2020 project is the sole duty and responsibility of each Beneficiary, the mistakes and errors made during the calculations show some typical patterns. Some of these errors come from misunderstanding the…

European Union Highlights of 2017

Cosmina Bisboaca

The European Commission, the Parliament, and the Council have been dealing with a lot this year and a lot has been achieved. For many projects and future initiatives, the work is still going on, such as the Digital Single Market,…

CoastObs: Geonardo’s newest project launched!

Mariana Mata Lara

CoastObs, a 3-year EU-H2020 project focused on developing a user-relevant service platform for coastal water monitoring with validated products derived from Earth Observation (EO), was launched on 23-24 November in Wageningen, Netherlands, at the premises of the project coordinator Water…

Exploitation Plans: five key steps for Horizon 2020 proposals

Valentina Zuri

It can be hard for researchers and scientists to shift mentality from research for the sake of research to developing new products or technologies that should be ready for the market as soon as possible. It can however be very…

One partner is not providing high quality input to the proposal: how to deal with it?

Mariana Mata Lara

In H2020 proposals, where consortia often consist of 10+ partners per proposal, it is likely that partners will work at different paces. That is okay when you, as coordinator, know where to pull and how to approach to get the…

Halfway through Horizon 2020. What to expect next?

Cosmina Bisboaca

The European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, announced measures to be adopted for the Horizon 2020 Work programme 2018-2020, the final work programme of Horizon 2020 for the last three years.

Proposal Development Challenges. Building an International Consortium

Liliya Levandovska

Whether you are an organization with extensive experience in proposal development or a newcomer looking to develop a competitive proposal, you’ve faced the challenge of building a consortium, which is best suited to carry out the tasks envisaged within the…

Planning publications in a Horizon 2020 proposal

Valentina Zuri

While preparing materials for our own training courses on impact, exploitation and dissemination activities under H2020, I came to re-read a classic guideline for researchers to understand the publishing process: “How to publish in scholarly journals”, by Elsevier.