Two years into Horizon 2020: trends, novelties and stats

Valentina Zuri

The European Commission has recently published its second Monitoring Report on the implementation of Horizon 2020, describing trends and statistics on participation in the years 2014 and 2015 altogether. While we have already analysed the findings on the first year,…

New rules set for EU-US cooperation in Horizon 2020 projects

Gabriella Lovász

I would like to share some interesting news regarding EU-US cooperation and share my thoughts on its practical consequences for the EU projects involving US organisations.

Practical tips for including gender analysis into your Horizon 2020 proposals

Liliya Levandovska

If you are a researcher or an organization active in Horizon 2020 proposal development, you may well know the requirement to include gender analysis, if applicable1, into Part B of the proposal template. Although it may sound simple, sometimes the…

10 ways you can use social media in your Horizon 2020 project

Valentina Zuri

1. Engage your stakeholders in a live dialogue during a conference

Participation of Associated Countries in Horizon 2020: Example of Ukraine

Liliya Levandovska

Association to Horizon 2020 As of September 2016, there are 16 countries associated to Horizon 20201. Being associated to Horizon 2020 means that a third country can formally participate in the programme and is expected to provide a financial contribution…

The “3 Ps” to a successful meeting organisation

Daniel Frohnmaier

By definition, a meeting is "an act or process of coming together" for example "as [...] an assembly for a common purpose [...]"1. Meetings are omnipresent in our everyday life and a universal form of communication. Whether happening informally in…

Europa Media recommends – visit Budapest!

Liliya Levandovska

With Budapest as the site of our office and many successful training courses over the last few years (e.g. European Funding Academy, Proposal Development and Project Management Lab), we are always happy to welcome you to the capital of Hungary.…

Funding secured for UK partners in EU projects beyond the date of leaving the EU

Mariana Mata Lara

On August 12th, Philip Hammond, the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer, has assured that all multi-year projects (ESIF, CAP and H2020) with signed contracts or funding agreements in place, and projects to be signed before the Autumn Statement, will be…

Swiss research in 2017: Full access to Horizon 2020 or locked out of it?

Marusa Arh

The latest debates on what the future of UK’s science and research will look like after the post-Brexit period has shown us that the EU’s prestigious Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (worth €80 billion) is playing an important role…

Social Media and Communication Internship

Krisztina Tóth

Europa Media is seeking an innovative, creative, open-minded and goal-oriented intern to join our exciting and fast-growing team. We are looking for a Social Media and Communication Intern who will manage the media campaigns of our European projects on social…

Transforming food waste into treasure: PlasCarb goes to industry

Daniel Frohnmaier

Geonardo, in conjunction with its partners Centre for Process Innovation Ltd., the French National Centre for Scientific Research and GAP Waste Management, presented the PlasCarb project with an exhibition stand at the 7th International Conference on Advanced Nanomaterials (ANM2016) on…

Practical tips for organising brokerage events in EU projects

István Pári

Dissemination and exploitation related activities have always been a focal issue for all EU funded projects. Apart from the traditional ways of disseminating the project results via newsletters, flyers and presenting the results in conferences, it’s worth considering bringing together…