Transforming food waste into treasure: PlasCarb goes to industry

Daniel Frohnmaier

Geonardo, in conjunction with its partners Centre for Process Innovation Ltd., the French National Centre for Scientific Research and GAP Waste Management, presented the PlasCarb project with an exhibition stand at the 7th International Conference on Advanced Nanomaterials (ANM2016) on…

Practical tips for organising brokerage events in EU projects

István Pári

Dissemination and exploitation related activities have always been a focal issue for all EU funded projects. Apart from the traditional ways of disseminating the project results via newsletters, flyers and presenting the results in conferences, it’s worth considering bringing together…

Graphic design for Horizon 2020 projects: what difference can it make?

Valentina Zuri

What is the starting point for your dissemination work package? At Europa Media, our very first thought is always on branding: creating a familiar and consistent image of the project, so that it is recognisable by all audiences and on…

Novel technology applications in Horizon 2020 projects: the IMPRESS Case Study

Daniel Frohnmaier

The Geonardo Team completed its next Geo3Dscanning mission. This time the journey led up to north to Coventry, West Midlands in the UK. The aim was to conduct a 3D survey of building façades, and through this, provide the basis…

Thinking green: the EU Green Week 2016

Irene Ramirez

The EU Green Week 2016, the annual occasion to explore and discuss European environment policy, took place betweem 30 May and 3 June 2016, under the slogan "Investing for a greener future". ‘Investing’ in the broadest sense of the word,…

FAQ on opportunities in Horizon 2020 for US researchers and organisations

Valentina Zuri

It might sound surprising to many readers, but the European Commission does encourage participation of US researchers and organisations in research and innovation projects funded under selected sub-pillars of Horizon 2020.

Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication: the ultimate checklist!

Valentina Zuri

Dissemination and exploitation of project results are an obligation for every Horizon 2020 beneficiary. Horizon 2020 funding, after all, is obtained via taxpayers’ money: therefore, the investment made by the European Union must be converted into socio-economic benefits for the…

Novel methods for energy efficiency in buildings: Horizon 2020 IMPRESS project

Irene Ramirez

Despite the efforts dedicated and the measures implemented to improve and achieve a more sustainable European building sector, it seems like not enough has been done to meet the energy and climate goals established by the EU.

Looking for a Marketing Specialist – Join Europe’s leading provider of practical solutions on EU project development and management

Gabriella Lovász

Europa Media was founded in 2003 by two individuals who wanted to share their experience gained in proposal development and project management under EU programmes with other interested parties. The EU funding system is complex and the competition to get…

An insider’s view to redress in Horizon 2020

István Pári

There is a standard mechanism in the Horizon 2020 proposal evaluation process (similarly to the previous framework programmes) that is not frequently discussed and covered compared to other aspects of the same sequence: the redress procedure.

Force majeure in EU projects in practice

István Pári

No matter how detached an average Horizon 2020 R&I project in general may seem from global politics, certain aspects still can affect even the most research focused initiative with no ties whatsoever to politics or global security.

Competitive bidding – The right timing for proposal development

Daniel Frohnmaier

Countdown to submission – this is what many project managers and proposal writers all over the globe are struggling with continuously. Regardless of the subject, the art of combining scientific excellence with administrative soundness to deliver a winning proposal for…