Stay Home with Europa Media

Seriously, just stay home.

Hello, my fellow quarantine heroes. Yes, you are a hero for staying home and maybe we don’t have a fancy red cape, but these days we have a chance to save the world while wearing our pyjamas. (Yes, I’m wearing my unicorn PJs and writing this blog post, because I wanted to feel a bit extra at work today).This blog post is actually a big thank you to my mom, who insisted for years that I need to buy more pyjamas. Thank you, without you, I would be saying: ‘I have nothing to wear today.’

I have a question for you, are you also trying to catch up with all the trendiest Netflix shows? Netflix has 20 different genres! TWENTY, nobody needs so many categories. If you don’t believe me go and check, I’ll wait. Is it 20, or is it just my account? Please let me know, the amount of choices is driving me crazy.

Therefore, we decided to give you 5 things you can do at home with Europa Media. Yes, only five. I like to think; simplicity is the key to success. (Says a girl in a unicorn PJs).

  1. Explore our free guiding materials

Yes, it is absolutely free. Not like subscribing free for a month, and then you must pay because the first season ended with a cliffhanger. Scratch that, every episode ends with a cliffhanger.

In our Knowledge Base you can find: How is EU Budget distributed, Project Toolbox, Financial Management and more useful information which makes managing an EU project smooth sailing.

  1. E-learning platform

You have watched the pilot episode and now you are ready for some real action. We hear you! Get ready to unlock the power of all past Europa Media webinars and e-learning chapters. Check the tips and tricks on Proposal Writing, Project Management, and Finances. Essentially, learn how to be the hero of your EU project journey!

  1. Horizon Europe

Now you are totally hooked and ready for the new season. Luckily, the new season directed by the award-winning European Commission is coming soon. Meet Horizon Europe. So many new characters, new opportunities and new challenges for our heroes. Don’t worry, as we like to say, we are your partner in EU funding and we will guide you through the new season. Check our page and avoid any unpleasant twists.

  1. Upcoming webinars

Every character has a different personality, and this is what makes stories and series more interesting. Maybe you are more like me and you would rather listen to a one-hour webinar and write your own notes. Maybe you just want to make sure you understood a certain topic. Whatever it is you can expect free online webinars from us in the upcoming period.

  1. Join us online

Okay, this is all very nice but sometimes you just need an extra explanation or more knowledge on the topic. That is completely fine. Every time I finish the episode of Black Mirror, I pray someone on YouTube explained it. Sometimes we just need a second opinion to get a full picture. Due to the current situation, our top priority is to keep our participants and their loved safe. Therefore, we invite you to join our live online courses! Our trainers are ready to discuss with you all the details behind the scenes and help you become a real EU project hero!


+ Plus tip

I know, I know I said I will put only 5 things. But they also told me they will do Eurovision online and it is cancelled. So, bear with me for a second. Be sure to follow us on Social Media, not because I am a Social Media Manager but because really, this is the easiest and the best way to get the latest info.

Wash your hands, don’t touch your face and stay safe!


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