Our newest feature: eLearning courses.

Another reason to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Launching a new service in a company that has been running smoothly for the last 20 years implies determination, resolution to overcome new challenges, and a tad of bravery for exposing yourself to something which may or may not work.

It's with great pleasure that I share our latest company joint effort with you: a batch of brand new eLearning courses! Perhaps, but only perhaps, you may not be impressed by this. But for us, it was a unique cross-departmental experience. Comparable only to some hard-core team building activity, different professionals had to work together to deliver a product that could bring some extra value to our online training courses. Content creators, project managers, eLearning and communication specialists, developers and marketers have joined forces to bring to life something that will make YOUR knowledge on different EU topics more solid.

Why eLearning?

ELearnings have the potential to accommodate anyone. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, you can crack your laptop open whenever and wherever it suits you. If you have a hectic schedule during the week, why not pushing the play button on a Sunday morning while sipping your foamy cappuccino?

What’s also interesting about those eLearnings is that you can be specific. Time is the currency of life, so learn what you need to know and get in touch with the lecturers directly, or with the community, if you have some burning questions.

Which eLearnings do we offer?

What is it about?

You can learn about the startup funding landscape in two simple modules. With particular emphasis on the public funding for Small and Medium Enterprises, this course will allow you to understand what opportunities are there to get funded for your venture.

Who is it for?

Wannabe entrepreneurs who want to understand how different funding systems work

  • Guide to EU Funding 2021-2017 (COMING SOON)

What is it about?

Learn about the existing EU programmes and what makes them unique. With our help, it will be easier to understand how they function and what makes sense for your organisation to apply to.

Who is it for?

This course is for beginners in the world of EU funded programmes.

What is it about?

By showcasing the differences and similarities between different EU programmes, this course shows you how the financial aspect differs. You will also learn how to put together your own budget.

Who is it for?

Aimed directly at beginners in EU finances, this course is the perfect introduction for those getting started in the EU world.

  • Dissemination and Communication (COMING SOON)

What is it about?

Communication is more and more relevant in Horizon Europe projects, and it requires more effort than initially planned. But there are ways which can help you leverage the struggle and help you reach maximum results. This course will show you how.

Who is it for?

If you are new to EU projects, this course is for you.


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Fun fact: the term eLearning was officially coined in 1999, the year in which Geonardo was founded! 


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